Here's 6 Natural Home Remedies For Pinworms

Natural Home remedies for pinworms, Pinworm is a parasitic infection which is small-sized, of about 2-13 mm, and attacking the large intestine of man. Transmission occurs through direct touch with the skin or objects contaminated with pinworms. In the human body, pinworm can multiply and cause symptoms such as itching, pain, and a rash on the anus. When the pinworms in a person's body continues to grow, it can trigger complications such as urinary tract infections or inflammation of the vagina.
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Natural home remedies for pinworms

Symptoms Of Pinworms

In certain cases, pinworm infection can cause no symptoms. Symptoms generally appear in people who have the infection can be :
  • Itching in the anus, especially at night.
  • Disturbed sleep because of the itching experienced.
  • The Anus pain and a rash.
  • Abdominal pain.
  • Nausea.
Causes Of Pinworms

The spread of pinworms can occur through direct contact with person or contaminated objects. Pinworm eggs usually enter the human body through the mouth, but the eggs of worms can also get into the human body through the nose.

This usually occurs when contaminated objects, like towels that are contaminated with the eggs of worms fluttered through and make the egg float in the air and then inhaled when a person breathe. Pinworm eggs that have been entered into in the human body will settle down and hatch in the digestive tract.

The worms will grow up in the digestive tract, and procreate by means of eggs. Normally, pinworm will lay eggs, out through the anus at night to lay her eggs in the folds of the skin around the anus.

The eggs are abandoned pinworms in the folds of the skin can cause itching and irritation. If the itching is due to the presence of worm eggs in the folds of the skin around the anus is carded, the eggs of worms will then move to the fingers. When a finger is contaminated it touches another person or an object, the eggs of worms will be re moved and the spread of pinworms can be repeated if not prevented or treated.

Pinworms can survive in the human gut for up to 13 weeks. Worm eggs that successfully hatched in the folds of the skin around the anus, will go back into the intestines and cause infection if not treated immediately.

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Natural home remedies for pinworms

Drug pinworms in the pharmacy

There are a number of options drug pinworms that You can consider. Here are some of the reference drug pinworms You can consume.

1. Albendazole
Albendazole is a type of drug antihelmintic that function to overcome the infection caused by worms, such as hookworm, tapeworm, whipworm, roundworm, and pinworm. This drug is a powerful way to help deadly worms in the body. But usually this medication can only be obtained with a prescription from a doctor.

As well as the dangers of antibiotics without a doctor's prescription, drugs these worms will also be at risk of harm to health if You eat them without knowing the dose that the true of a doctor. That is why, before taking this medicine You should consult to the doctor first in order not to encounter error measure.

2. Pyrantel pamoate
Anthelmintic this one will make worms in the body experiencing paralysis spastic. Worms that are experiencing this paralysis will be easily carried out with the stool. Once out of the body, the worms will soon die. The use of these drugs in the form of a single dose, which is only a one-time drinking course. However, the dose of the drug to be taken is usually calculated per a person's weight, i.e. 10 mg/kg. Even so, the dose consumed is not recommended more than 1 gram.

Special for this drug, You can buy it without doctor's prescription. But still, the description label should be considered seriously.

3. Mebendazole
Mebendazole is also a drug used to treat infections caused by worms with how to paralyze and kill worms infecting the digestive tract. How drugs work is to prevent the worm to absorb sugar which is their food source.

Although mebendazole potent eradicate the adult worms, but this drug will have no effect on helminth eggs. Therefore, it is important to prevent the cycle of occurrence of re-infection by way of applying hygienic lifestyle so that the worm eggs do not reproduce.

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Natural Home Remedy for pinworms

1. Garlic
Garlic is a potent into medicine with pinworms how to kill worm eggs and prevent a pinworm females produce more eggs inside Your digestive system. You can take garlic mentahl or smear it like an ointment.

To make ointment, geruslah garlic sekupnya until completely smooth and becomes like a paste. Then mix the garlic paste with a little oil jelly or any other essential oil. Dip the clean cotton into a paste and apply the ointment to Your anus.

2. Carrots
In addition to onions, You can also eat carrot as a medicine pinworms. The consumption of raw carrots that are already washed bersihdua times a day is believed to help Your body push the worms within the intestine out of Your body. This is because carrots are rich in fiber that can improve digestion and improve bowel movement.

3. Coconut oil
Coconut oil has antibacterial and antiviral that can help cleanse pinworm infection. This treatment requires a two step work. First, You can swallow a teaspoon of pure coconut oil every morning. Well, the second, the moment before bed, rub a little coconut oil into Your anus.

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