New Treatment For Pancreatic Cancer Survival Rate

Pancreatic cancer survival rate, Pancreatic cancer is one of the gastrointestinal cancer that is very malignant, difficult to diagnosed and treated, about 90% of which is derived from the carcinoma of the glandular epithelium ductal. 5-year pancreatic cancer Life Expectancy of patients is less than 1%, is one of the cancers with the worst prognosis.

Because the general symptoms are found at an advanced stage, so it is likely the patient could not undergo surgery is quite high, even with surgery, chemo and radiotherapy, the mortality rate within 2 years is still quite high, so it appears the phrase that “the level of inseiden pancreatic cancer together with death rate”. ( Read more : colon cancer test and proton therapy for prostate cancer )

new treatment for pancreatic cancer survival rate

Conventional methods of Pancreatic Cancer to conventional Methods of treatment of pancreatic cancer is surgery, the best condition is early detection and surgery early. Treatment is usually by performing a resection on the lesion, commonly combined with chemotherapy and radiotherapy to kill tumors.

But the method of operation is only suitable for patients with early-stage, and chemo-radiotherapy alone can cause a series of side effects, while patients whose condition is already severe will usually experience pain incredible.

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Pancreatic cancer is a type of cancer that is very aggressive and has a poor prognosis, once you happen recurrence, the treatment will be much more difficult. In recent years, medical technology minimal the wound and can kill the tumor as directed the more widely applied clinically in China.

More and more cancer patients who come to China to do the treatment. Interventions the interventions were divided into Intervention and vascular Intervention non-vascular, in the treatment of pancreatic cancer is generally used for vascular Intervention.

With incision 1-2mm on the location of the tumor, with guide imaging tool, the doctor will insert the catheter, and put anti-cancer drugs through the catheter to the center of the tumor so as to directly kill tumor cells without harm to normal cells; at the same time agents embolism will impede the flow of blood to the tumor and make the tumor “starved to death”.

This method has the advantage, among others, without surgery, minimal wound, fast recovery and effective. Cryosurgery also Called Therapy of Argon-Helium, the treatment of cancer “hypothermia+hyperthermia” is one of the techniques of ablation.

new treatment for pancreatic cancer survival rate

In the treatment of pancreatic cancer, will be channeled argon gas and helium alternately, make the temperature change in a short time, of between -120°C and 180°C to between 20°C-40°C, meledeakkan the tumor is frozen quickly, so achieved the destruction of the tumor tissue. The speed of temperature changes, time and ukurans erta shape of the ice ball can be set and controlled.

Immunotherapy Immunotherapy of Somatic Cells is one of the methods of treatment of cancer, by injecting cells of the immune anti-tumor, can directly kill tumor cells and stimulate the response of anti-tumor immunity.

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Responsible doctor St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, Professor Peng Xiao Chi said, in pancreatic cancer, the most important thing is early detection and treatment, as well as routine inspection, i.e. 1 time a year.

Or if You are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, do not be afraid, You can come to China to do the treatment. St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou minimally invasive technology that is modern and ready to assist You.

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