Rodent Tuber, Natural Methods For Treatment of Cancer

Rodent Tuber Natural methods For Treatment of Cancer, Cancer is no longer deadly, Cancer patients can have a life expectancy and survival rate longer with the discovery of plant “Rodent Tuber” ( Typhonium Flagelliforme ) as Natural home remedies for Cancer Treatment that can stop and treat various diseases of cancer and various diseases other weight.

Plant a kind of taro with a maximum height of 25 to 30 cm is only grown in the bush that is not exposed to direct sunlight. “This plant is very commonly found as a plant decoration house,” said Drs. Patoppoi Pasau, the first person to find the efficacy of that plant . ( Read more : colon cancer test and proton therapy for prostate cancer )

Rodent Fuber Natural methods For Treatment of Cancer

This medicinal plant have been studied since 1995 by Prof Dr. Chris K. H. Teo,Dip Agric (M), BSc Agric (Hons)(M), MS, PhD from Universiti Sains Malaysia and also the founder of Cancer Care Penang, Malaysia. Institutions cancer care was established in 1995 it has helped thousands of patients from Malaysia , America, England , Australia , New Zealand, Singapore, and various countries in the world.

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About Rodent Tuber

Rodent tuber plant has its own traits for those of you who are curious about how the shape of this plant as to what the Following characteristics :
  • This plant has leaves are very oval with the ends of the leaves are tapered to a sharp and the length is only about 16 – 17 cm.
  • Single leaf colored green and are arranged neatly around the rosette. (Such as taro leaves).
  • The petals on the flower shaped very oval and its color is yellow. For the length of the flowers is 4 – 8 cm. The tips of the flower has a shape like the tail of a rat.
  • If you touch the plant directly without any safety then effect will cause the itching.

Rodent tuber plant widely processed into various foods, such as juice, chips, capsules and other natural herbal remedies. This time, Joann will discuss how to cultivate plants rodent tuber.

Rodent tuber plant will be very much found in rainy season. If in collecting the leaves of the rodent tuber in a fresh state then the dose can be reduced up to 30 gr / manufacture.

Substance healers are found in the tuber than in the leaves. If you will be using is a rodent that is already dry, avoid using for the leaves that have been dried.

Simply grab the tuber. Because of the effectiveness of the leaves of the rodent tuber that has been dried already reducing and low in the treatment of cancer.

Rodent Fuber Natural methods For Treatment of Cancer

How to make the juice rodent tuber is the following :
  • Take the Rodent tuber plant that is still fresh, as many as 50 gr to its roots.
  • Choose a part that can be utilized and waste is not necessary, as the leaves are worn out, yellowed, decomposing ends of the bulbs, etc.
  • Wash with running water until clean.
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After finished selecting the plants that will be used as the juice, then go to the next stage :
  • mashed the leaves that have been selected last with a stone mortar until soft or really pulverized. Remember, to avoid the use of the tools made of metal, especially the easily corroded such as aluminum.
  • Give water to taste.
  • Then, squeeze and strain
  • Juice / water Rodent tuber is ready to drink.
The Dosage Of The Consumption Of Rodent tuber

Always pay attention to dose, if for healing cancer, do not overdo it in taking it and should always be with a dose or doses that have been there, such as :
  • 3 x a day with 50 gr of taro plant and taken every morning, noon, afternoon / evening with a period of time consistent.
  • Drink water or juice last ½ hour before meals. For those who have disorders or diseases ulcer then drink ½ hours after a meal.
  • For pregnant women that abortion is less than 4 months are prohibited to drink Juice / water juice of Rodent tuber.

Benefits Of Rodent Tuber
  • According to the research that the content of the form of a free role is very important to reduce the risk of developing the disease degeratif such as cancer, diabetes mellitus, and heart.

  • Improve the system for immunity so as not susceptible to and contracting the disease.

  • The content of anti implasi on Rodent tuber serves to treat the swelling that occurs on the skin.

  • Against the growth and development of cancer cells in the body, due to the presence of ribosome inacting protein in rodent tuber plant.

  • Blood circulation in the body.

  • The roots of the plants rodent tuber efficacious to relieve throat irritation due to cough.

  • Reduce side effects of chemotherapy.
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Rodent Fuber Natural methods For Treatment of Cancer

Side Effects Of Freshly Squeezed Rodent tuber

There will be a side effects for those who will consume the juice or the juice rodent tuber, like felt a little itching in the throat section. To cope / deal with itching this can with the ingestion of sugar or honey. For those who suffer from diabetes are advised to swallow the salt as the antidote to the itching.
  • Juice / water juice Rodent tuber should not be stored more than 3 hours duration. Why? Because the water will be easily oxidized to be broken.

  • For it is not advised / recommended to make the Juice / water juice Rodent tuber with the scale of many that aims to be taken several times, but make it water freshly squeezed juice / juice only for a drink.

  • The provision of hot water in the manufacture of Juice / water juice can reduce itching device. But keep in mind that don't boil the Rodent tuber plant because it will reduce the efficacy so that the water / juice from Rodent tuber is not effective or efficacious again.

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