8 Best Runny Nose Remedy and Treatment

Runny nose remedy and treatment, Flu is a disease that can strike anyone, no matter the age, both young and old have risk to be exposed to the runny nose. During the transition season, many virus beterbaran where where. The name of the virus may live anywhere and the virus can not be turned off or eliminated, just that the virus can be inactivated by the immune system. Indeed the virus is scattered in the air, but which can be exposed to the virus it's just people with immune systems that are ugly.
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runny nose remedy Treatment

runny nose can not be treated during the immune system of patients with the flu still ugly, when people fatigue and not enough nutrients she will be easy once exposed to the flu. Drugs used to treat the flu is not really to cope with the flu, but the drug will make the immune system increased and stabilized so that the flu virus that can be eliminated.

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Here are the flu drugs traditionally that can be used to cope Runny Nose :

1. Warm Soup
Although some say the time of the flu the body will reject the food because the nose is clogged, however, consume warm soup can reliably be used to relieve flu that are being experienced. A hearty soup that is consumed can thin mucus in the nose and also in tenggoorkan. Mucus or snot is thick actually make the flu more severe for the respiratory tract are becoming increasingly clogged.

While consuming hearty soups membranes will melt and excreted together with the feces during defecation. More and more snot to melt the little snot in the respiratory tract so that breathing became more and more relieved. Tips consume a hearty soup that is used as a traditional cold remedies is smell the aroma of the soup first for 2 minutes, then after that the new soups can be consumed.

2. Therapy Hot Water
The same is the case with infants, therapy of the hot water can be used as a traditional cold remedies that can be done. It is because the hot water that goes into the body can be used to thin the mucus so that it snot going to be easy once out of the respiratory tract. How to treat the flu using therapeutic hot spring water is very easy once namely as follows :
  • Prepare a basin of hot water.
  • Put it in a closed room. Keep in kind that there is no ventilation fresh air.
  • If indeed there is no room like that you can take advantage of gloves.
  • Cover your body using a sheath, the connective part of it.
  • After that you place a basin that's in front of you and enter some teas eucalyptus oil.
  • Keep your head up approximately within 8 cm of the basin.
  • Breathe in the scent of the basin, then arrange your exhalation.
  • Hot steam it can well, you use to cope with the flu because of hot steam that can mengecerkan mucus in the respiratory tract.
3. Salt
Salt is not only useful as a kitchen seasoning, but salt can also be used to overcome various kinds of diseases. In addition to can be used to cope with the pain of the teeth, salt can be used to overcome the nasal congestion. A solution of this salt can also be used to cope with a cold on a baby.

The difference is if to cope with the flu in infants is a solution of the salt used is a salt that bought the pharmacy that is pure salt sterile whereas if it is to cope with the flu in adults can use fine salt. How to treat the flu using a solution of this salt is as follows :
  • Mix a quarter teaspoon of salt along with a quarter tea of baking soda.
  • Use warm water to dissolve both of the ingredients, stir to mix evenly.
  • Insert the pipette into the water laurutan, after that spray pipette it into the nasal passages are blocked alternately.
  • Do it this way as much as three times a day so that the snot in sauran breathing immediately disappear.
4. Warm Ginger Water
Cold remedies other natural is a warm ginger water. Warm ginger water is very effective to overcome a variety of health disorders for example is a nausea, flatulence and also the flu. How to make warm ginger water good however beneficial for the health of the very easy is as follows :
  • Prepare two ginger rhizomes are medium-sized.
  • Wash ginger then peel.
  • Grilled ginger until there is a surface that is slightly charred.
  • Geprek ginger so the juice comes out.
  • Boiled with two glasses of water.
  •  So the aroma is good can add lemongrass.
  • Wait until boiling then leave the boiled water into one glass.
  • When it becomes a glass, add honey. If the flu that you experience is accompanied by a cough should not add sugar or rock sugar into the water decoction of it. Because sugar cubes or granulated sugar makes the cough will increasingly become so.
  •  If you do not have a lot of time to make the ginger water that you can consume a warm drink but without sugar. Avoid foods or drink cold because it can make the snot thickens.
runny nose remedy Treatment

5. The Fruit Contains Vitamin C
Traditional cold remedies the other that can be used to fight the influenza virus is a fruit that is rich in vitamin C. During this time consume fruits rich in vitamin C can reliably be used to improve the immune system of a person. When the immune system of a person is increasing, a wide variety of virus that enters the body can be attenuated. Here are the various kinds of fruit rich in vitamin C that can be used to against the influenza virus in the body :
  • Guava. Guava is a fruit that has high content of vitamin C of the most high. This fruit can also be used to raise the platelet count in people who have experienced dengue fever. Although it's not too acidic, fruity red guava has a high content of vitamin C two times compared with oranges. The content of vitamin C in red guava as much as 108 mg in every 100 gram.

  • Orange. The second fruit which has high content of vitamin C is also quite high is with orange. The amount of vitamin C which exist on citrus is 50 to 70 mg per 100 gram.

  • Apple. In addition to having antioxidant content of yag is high, apple is also said to be vitamin C. the Content of vitamin C in the ape; is 5 mg per 100 gram.

  • Pomegranate. Pomegranate is a fruit that is also rich in antioxidants. Because it contains antioxidant which is much, this fruit is widely used as a health drink. The content of vitamin C in the pomegranate as much as 10.2 mg in 100 grams. Not only that, pomegranates are rich in folic acid, fiber, potassium, niacin, vitamin A and also vitamin E. All existing content in pomegranate that can be used to overcome the disease high blood pressure, lowering bad cholesterol and much more.

  • Cherry. The content of vitamin C in 100 grams of Cherries amounted to 71,5 mg

  • The cayenne pepper. Enter the cayenne pepper and swallow the seeds can be used to overcome the flu that you are natural. That's because in addition to containing vitamin C is high enough, the content of the capsicum on the caai cayenne can make increased body temperature and also sweating. When berkerngat, snot or mucus in the nose will melt. While a lot of snot to melt then the flu could soon disappear.
6. Pepper Powder
To cope with any flu you can utilize pepper powder. Unfortunately you have to be careful in treating the flu using this way. If until the pepper powder that you use the later most and of the other organs of the body e.g. eyes, your eyes will feel spicy.

Pepper powder can be used to overcome the flu as long as mixed with various other herbal remedies. Other herbal remedies that should be prepared is three and the rhizomes of ginger and honey. How to make this herbal remedy is as follows :
  • Wash the ginger, then cut the piece into several parts.
  • Mashed ginger so it's really smooth.
  • Brewed ginger crushed using hot water.
  • Add the honey and also a little pepper powder in the steeping water.
  • Do this way three times in a day. Spicy on ginger and pepper can make the body temperature becomes increased, when the temperature of the body increases mucus will melt so that it can be increasingly easy to issued.
7. Garlic
Don't ever underestimate this one herbs. One herbs is not only useful for adding to dishes to be more savory, but also can be used to overcome various diseases caused by bacteria and also virus. Garlic can be used to treat tooth pain in addition bawnag white are also very effective to treat ear infections.

To be able to treat the flu using abwang white, you can add them to dishes you are making. Add the amount of garlic seasoning in the cuisine will make your immune system become stable so that the virus in the body can be attenuated.

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8. Turmeric
Who is not familiar with turmeric, herbal medicine that is colored orange is widely used to solve various kinds of diseases. For this saffron is widely used to cope with menstrual pain in women and also to cope with diarrhea. Now saffron can be used to cope with a cold caused by a virus. How to treat and prev flu using turmeric is it is very easy once namely as follows :
  • Take 4 pieces of the rhizome of turmeric, wash thoroughly then peel.
  • Grated turmeric, grated squeeze of turmeric correctly so the juice comes out.
  • When turmeric extract out, campurkanlah with honey and a cup of warm milk.
  • Drink as much as three times in a day. Remember to drink it in warm conditions, don't drink it in conditions that cold cause if in cold conditions, the effect will be lost.

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