Sebaceous Cyst Home Remedy and Therapy

Sebaceous cyst home remedy, Sebaceous cyst is the effect of the infection of the oil glands on the body. The oil glands that are infected by a special bacteria, causing the formation of capsules in the oil glands, causing blockages. In the blockage, sebum natural is produced by the oil glands on the skin surface, will undergo a process of secretion by bacteria and form a fluid that resembles cream cheese sour.
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Sebaceous Cyst Home Remedy

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Usually, the sebaceous cyst is small in size, grows on areas of the body with the oil content is high, and is easily exposed to dirt in a long time. In fact, sometimes, moisture problems also increase the risk of sebaceous cyst. As for the parts of the body that are prone to sebaceous cyst include the scalp, forehead, face, back of ears, neck, and tip of the penis.

Sebaceous cyst itself is generally not harmful. For the size is still small, You can overcome sebaceous cyst with ways and simple therapy. However, if the condition of the cyst is enlarged, then You need to be alert. Therefore, most likely a cyst can turn into tumor cells. Especially when the cyst began to be felt hardened, looks like a condense and cause the pain to aggravate.

Well to solve it, it turns out You can take advantage of several types of herbal medicines that have been definitely simple, here's the explanation :

1. Therapy Garlic
The trick, puree the garlic and apply the garlic smooth it on the area of the cyst. Garlic is rich in natural antibiotics can help relieve the infection and help dry out the cyst entire, and the capsules of the package. On healing sometimes the cream will dry without a chance to break out.

Sebaceous Cyst Home Remedy

2. Therapy Betel Red
Puree one sheet of betel red, then squeeze out until the water red from the leaves. Apply the juice of betel leaves is on a sebaceous cyst and do it over and over until the cysts shrink and dry.

Red betel indeed contain a lot of anti bacterial and antioxidant which is able to dry the bacterial infection quickly, including addressing the capsule impenetrable.

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3. Therapy Temu Mangga ( Curcuma mangga )
You probably didn't know Curcuma mangga, but the type of rhizome of turmeric with white color and distinctive aroma smelling mango kweni, has anti-bacterial content is strong. You can smooth the 1 cm of the rhizome and apply the rhizome is smooth it on the area of the cyst. With this therapy, the cysts will be softened, limp, and eventually the cream will dry out by itself.

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