Side Effects Of Radiation For Breast Cancer

Side effects of radiation for breast cancer, Radiation therapy is treatment using X-rays to kill cancer cells. This therapy is included in the type of targeted therapy often used in breast cancer treatment. Radiation is aimed directly at the location of the tumor, lymph nodes, or chest wall. Through this therapy, spread of cancer can be stopped and the risk of recurrence can be reduced.

Treatment external radiation is usually given five times per week for 5-7sampai weeks. The latest approach recommends a dose of radiation that is large for 3 weeks (irradiation of the breast accelerated). Most people can receive radiation therapy with good. ( Read more : colon cancer test and proton therapy for prostate cancer )

Your doctor may recommend internal radiation (brachytherapy). Internal radiation is a procedure when the small pieces of radioactive material are placed around the location of the tumor. Total treatment time varies, ranging from hours to weeks. Short-term side effects of this therapy quite a bit, while the long-term side effects of this method are not yet known.

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side effects of radiation for breast cancer

Working system radiotherapy

Radiotherapy given to the cancer cells grow to stop and destroy cancer cells. However, because radiotherapy is usually done in a high dose (so can turn off cancer cells) cells-normal cells that are around the section in radiotherapy are sometimes also damaged.

Even so, the doctor will seek to deliver a high dose to the affected body part cancer and a very low dose to the part not affected by the cancer. This therapy will work by damaging the DNA of cancer cells which then stop the growth.

There are two types of radiotherapy that can be done to cure the disease of cancer, namely:
  • External radiotherapy, i.e. radiation beam, which is given with the use of X-rays, or various machines that are used outside the body.
  • Radiotherapy is internal, i.e. how to provide the radiation through the part in the body of the patient. Substances containing radiation will usually be injected into a vein or taken to substances that can reach cancer cells grow.
Side effects of radiotherapy ?

Side effects that arise due to radiotherapy will vary, depending on the body condition of the individual patient. There are probably only experiencing symptoms that are mild, moderate, even severe.

In addition, side effects will also depend on the body part that is exposed to radiotherapy, dose of radiation given, and a variety of other treatments that may be being done by the patient while doing the radiotherapy.

There are two types of side effects that will arise after radiotherapy : short term effects where such effects will be directly experienced by the patient and the long term effects that will arise after some time the patient performing radiotherapy, it can be in a matter of months or a few years thereafter.

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side effects of radiation for breast cancer

Short term side effects

Symptoms most often appear when a person get a of radiotherapy are nausea and vomiting, the skin blackened in parts of the body exposed to radiation, the hair loss bit by bit (but if you do radiotherapy on the head, neck, or face, might the loss that occurs will be more) feel fatigue, menstrual disorders in females, disorders of against the amount and quality of sperm in men, as well as various skin problems.

Not only that, patients who undergo radiotherapy treatment will experience a decrease in appetite so and cause problems in the digestive system. However patients who are undergoing therapy should be maintain nutritional status and health through the intake. The following are tips that can be done to keep the intake of patients who underwent the treatment :
  • Try to eat small portions but often, at least 6 times in a day but the portions were not too many.
  • It remains to choose a food source that is healthy and clean
  •  Provide is always a snack or light meal that is healthy, that can withstand sudden hunger pangs.
  • Avoid spicy and acidic foods to prevent problems in the mouth
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol
  • Brush your teeth often to maintain good health and oral hygiene
Long term side effects

It has been mentioned earlier that radiotherapy not only damage the DNA of cancer cells but also on normal cells. When normal cells also damaged, then the range of side effects will also be popping up.
  • If that diradioterapi is a part of the stomach, then the bladder is no longer elastic and make the patient urinate more often
  • The breast will be harder and firmer after radiotherapy in breast
  • If the pelvis is exposed to radiation, then the vagina becomes narrower and less elastic
  •  The arm becomes swollen when the shoulders of a given therapy
  • Impaired lung function due to getting radiation in the chest
  • While patients who get radiation to the chest or neck, at risk for experiencing a narrowing of the airways and throat, making it hard to swallow
  • For radiotherapy that is done around the pelvis, will cause effects such as inflammation of the bladder, as well as pain in the abdomen due to urinary tract infection
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Treatment external beam radiotherapy or radiation given from outside the body will not make the body become radioactive or a dangerous source of radiation. While the radiation is given through the blood vessels or parts in the body can pose a danger to people in the surrounding areas, especially for children and mothers who are pregnant. For this, it is better You discuss it with the doctor, what steps should be taken to reduce the effects of radiation that might harm other people.

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