Cancer Melanoma : Does Skin Cancer Itch ?

Does skin cancer itch, Skin cancer melanoma is a type of cancer that develops in melanocytes, the pigment cells of the skin which serve as producing melanin. Melanin that absorbs ultraviolet rays and protects the skin from damage. Melanoma is a type of skin cancer which is rare and very dangerous. This condition begins of the human skin and can spread to other organs in the body.

The emergence of new moles or changes in moles that already exist usually be a common sign or symptom of melanoma. This can occur throughout the body, but some parts of the body which is often subjected to its emergence are, Face, Hand, Back and Feet. ( Read more : colon cancer test and multiple sclerosis medications )

cancer melanoma Does skin cancer itch

Cancer Melanoma has irregular shapes and more than one color. Moles are stricken with melanoma can be itchy and can bleed, in addition, its size can exceed normal moles. To distinguish between normal moles and melanoma, the list of Skin cancer melanoma has been developed for people.

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Symptoms of skin Cancer melanoma

1. Itching and Pain on the Skin Surface

Never ignore itching accompanied by pain, which appear on the surface of the skin. Because it may be a sign of cancer cells begin to attack the skin cells. Cancer symptoms of melanoma is usually characterized by sores that itch tend to bleed continuously.

2. A mole that is Enlarged

Moles that grow large often considered as a benign tumor. However you need to be aware if the size of the moles that continue to experience growth not prevalent. Because it's a symptom of the cancer of melanoma.

3. Change The Color Of The Skin

Skin discoloration occurs because the cancer cells attack the pigment of the skin. Change the color of the skin which is the symptoms of cancer of the melanoma resemble the patches in a certain area. Itch and pain as well as coloured reddish-brown.

4. Appear Blotches on the Skin

If it appears such spotting lingkat black or brown on the surface of the skin and widened from time to time, immediately check to the doctor. Because it is one of the symptoms of the cancer melanoma.

5. Appear Bumps

Next is the appear bumps on the skin. The appearance of bumps on the body is a sign of almost all tumor diseases and cancer. So there is no harm to be aware of it.

6. Dry and Flaky skin

Cancer symptoms melanoma-the last is the skin dry and scaly. This happens because a lot of damaged skin cells that do not regenerate.

cancer melanoma Does skin cancer itch

According to WHO data, there are about 132.000 cases of melanoma emerge every year around the world. Every 3 cancer cases found a single case of skin cancer is melanoma and it is estimated that this will continue to increase because of the ozone layer in the sky that is constantly thinning. The reduction of the ozone layer of the 10 percent can lead to an increase incidence of cancer of the skin melanoma of 4500 additional new cases.

The risk of melanoma is a big attack women under the age of 40 years. Skin cancer of this type can be fatal if not diagnosed early.

The Causes Of Melanoma Skin Cancer

Melanoma occurs when the pigment cells of the skin develop is not normal. Up to now, it is not known why this happens. Most people assume the cause of the emergence of melanoma due to skin that is too often exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays of natural or artificial. But it turns out not all people that frequent exposure to UV into patients with melanoma.

Researchers are still trying to figure out the cause. Several known factors can increase the likelihood of contracting melanoma is to have a lot of moles or spots on the skin, pale-skinned and burn easily, have a family member suffering from melanoma, as well as a red-haired or blonde.
Diagnosis Of Melanoma Skin Cancer

A doctor can diagnose melanoma after doing a physical examination. The doctor will refer You to see a doctor or skin specialist (dermatologists) or plastic surgeon if they think You are suffering from melanoma. So if You see no change in the shape of a mole, see your doctor immediately.

In most cases, the network of moles that are considered suspicious will be removed surgically and studied whether it has become cancerous. This process is known as biopsy. While to check if the melanoma has spread to other parts of the body, the procedure of biopsy node sentinel can also be done.

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Treatment Of Melanoma Skin Cancer

One of the main treatment of melanoma is surgery, although all the type handling is done depending with Your condition. The operation can be successful if melanoma is diagnosed at an early stage. But, in order to prevent melanoma to reappear, You must undergo advanced treatment.

If melanoma is not diagnosed until in the most severe stage, treatment can only slow the spread of cancer and relieve symptoms that occur. At this stage, usually it takes drugs, for example chemotherapy.

cancer melanoma Does skin cancer itch

The reappearance of melanoma

There is a possibility of melanoma will return if You have previously suffered from melanoma. If the cancer has spread and is severe, then the risk of Your exposed back will be increased.

You may have to do regular checkups to monitor your health, especially if the team handling Your cancer feel that there is a greater possibility of melanoma will re-appear. How to check if there are tumors in the skin and lymph glands, usually will be taught by a team of doctors on duty.

Prevention Skin of Cancer Melanoma

You can lower the risk of developing melanoma to avoid skin that is not exposed to direct exposure to ultraviolet rays, either natural or artificial, although the emergence of melanoma is not always preventable. One of the prevention of melanoma which is easy to do is use a sunscreen and wear clothing to protect skin from exposure to the sun's damaging rays.

To increase the success of handling and in order to get a diagnosis from the beginning, You are advised to check moles and freckles regularly.

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