Stage 4 Lung Cancer Life Expectancy

Stage 4 lung cancer life expectancy, stage 4 lung cancer symptoms of dying indicates a severe condition, where the lungs are already mostly broken, the patient is getting weak and not able to move normally. Even cancer cells have invaded other important organs that cause the disease complications are quite serious.

Therefore the life expectancy of patients with lung cancer could be considered a very thin and even almost can not be cured. Treatment of cancer of the lungs generally not be cure but only relieve symptoms and prolong life expectancy as long as possible. ( Read more : colon cancer test and proton therapy for prostate cancer )

stage 4 lung cancer life expectancy

Every person has conditions cancer different although the type of cancer is the same, namely lung cancer. Therefore the life expectancy for patients with lung cancer also varies greatly, and everything will be viewed from many aspects such as the age of patients, gender, type of cancer and level of cancer malignancy. 

Generally women have a greater life expectancy than men because the body gives a better response to the treatment carried out. The older person's age then it will be increasingly difficult to be treated, similarly, if the cancer has already spread very far it will be increasingly difficult to be handled.

Based on data collected in 2005, approximately 50% of patients with lung cancer stage 4 is able to survive up to 8 months. While the other 50% are not able to survive and not long after the diagnosed patients will die of the world. Yet there is also some data that have managed to survive up to 5 years old, although the percentage is not up to 10%.

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Their life expectancy is higher is that is has a physical condition and want to apply the treatment of lung cancer naturally the medical treatment. So, although You may have been sentenced to suffer lung cancer, try to keep the spirit in the fight against cancer and continue to endeavor to obtain a longer life expectancy.

Method Of Treatment Of Lung Cancer Stage 4

Lung cancer stage indeed can not be cured, but some methods of treatment can be done as palliative measures, which reduce the symptoms and suppress the cancer cells that are not more widespread.

The doctor will probably give you advice to undergo cancer chemotherapy lung cancer stage 4, however the business often times make the patient more weak and unable to defend against the disease of cancer. It is not much different with the action of radiotherapy because of the side effects that arise makes the patient increasingly weak until finally shortening his life expectancy.

Therefore, some alternative measures can be done both medically and traditionally to the treatment of lung cancer stage 4 can run smoothly. The following methods of treatment that can be done to extend the life expectancy of patients with lung cancer stage 4.

1. Surgery

Although rarely suggested, and the level of kesuksannya very small, surgery still be an option to remove a portion of lung tissue that has been damaged by the cancer, the following are also lymph nodes in the vicinity. Because of the danger of cancer of the lymph nodes is likely to occur when lung cancer has spread widely.

stage 4 lung cancer life expectancy

2. Immunotherapy

This method utilizes the body's immune system which is deliberately stimulated to recognize cancer cells and destroy them from within the body. It is much more minimal side effects, but unfortunately still rarely.

3. Pain Management

Action pain management can be assisted by the medical team can help reduce your symptoms and decrease pain continue to be felt patients with lung cancer stage 4. Pain management is also performed after cancer treatment so that the recovery process can take place more quickly.

4. The Use Of Herbal Medicine

Now a lot of found herbal remedy that is predicted is able to fight the disease of cancer to be able to cure it. There is no harm in using herbal medicines because of their side effects is much smaller. Even the traditional treatment can be combined with medical treatment so that the natural ingredients of herbal medicines will press the side effects of medical treatment.

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5. Foods that Support

Consume healthy food and fruit juices as well as vegetables also help in the process of the fight against cancer. Antioxidant compounds and nutrients obtained will suppress the activity of cancer cells while providing energy to be able to survive.

Lung cancer stage 4 is very dangerous so we need to always be alert to the symptoms of the disease. Because life expectancy lung cancer stage 4 is very small, need some action that can give a longer life expectancy.

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