Here's Stomach Cancer Survival Rate By Stage

Stomach cancer survival rate, survival rate of patients colon cancer the early stages is much higher compared with the patients with end-stage when diagnosed, more than 50% of patients with colon cancer has entered the final stage with the level of malignancy is high, and the low survival rate, this is the condition of the patient colon cancer at this time. The rate of Survival of Patients Colon Cancer End-Stage is Less Than 50%. ( Read more : colon cancer test and proton therapy for prostate cancer )

Stomach Cancer Survival Rate

Stomach cancer survival rate

There are different stages of colon cancer, like all illnesses have when the nature of the natural progressive when it comes to the human body. Here, we see how the different stages go from one to the next and what are the chances of making it through this disease vary depending on the stage where the man was diagnosed with.

Stage 0 : this Stage in colon cancer is when the cancer cells are still embedded in the layers of the rectum or colon. The life expectancy of this stage can not be determined yet, without it being diagnosed first.

Stage 1 : the Spread of cancer continues, but is still in the rectum or colon, it has not been and does not penetrate. The chances of successfully passing this stage is to achieve 90 percent or more.

Stage 2 : lymph nodes not affected by cancer cells, although now they have made their way to nearby tissue and has spread outside the rectum and large intestine. The life expectancy for this stage reaches more than 70 percent in some cases.

Stage 3 : lymph nodes are now subjected to the cancer cells, but has not spread to other parts of the body. Some patients have a chance to successfully pass through this stage, with about 40 percent of the opportunity at hand.

Stage 4 : this Stage is when the cancer has spread to the lungs and liver, and could also now opened a branch to other organs of the body. Stage 4 survival rates of colon cancer as mentioned earlier, is only 10% at this time. There are also cases of this disease is called ‘colon cancer recurrent’, in which the disease can return after treatment and appear in other parts of the body, including the rectum and colon.

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Stage 4 colon cancer treatment will need to enter the surgical resection. Chemotherapy and radiation are also performed, though it depends on the case. This type of cancer is not a pleasant scenario faced by patients, and can only help if someone is constantly getting a medical examination done every ever now and then. Especially with cases of cancer in the family, it is important to get it checked to save one difficulties and pain due to reach the final stage. 

Stomach Cancer Survival Rate

The large intestine is the tract muscular length of the winding, which consists of the large intestine where the body waste is stored. It is then excreted through the rectum and out the anus, which can be experiencing bowel cancer.

This happens when the tumor began to grow in the inner wall of the intestine, where mainly there are two types of this – one being benign tumors, which are also called ‘polyps’, and the second is malignant, which is cancerous.

Benign tumors can be easily removed through surgical means and does not pose as a threat when it comes to spread to other parts of the body. Malignant tumors on the other hand can spread to neighboring tissues and can prove to be very harmful for the human body. That can also happen is that the tumor is benign, if left untreated, can turn into malignant over time.

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Type of cancer (malignant) targeting other organs as it progresses, first hitting the lungs and liver of the person. When it comes to stage 4 colon life expectancy cancer, it is only 10% in survival rates, say the five-year average. We next look at what the symptoms of metastatic disease, and how the different stages can either increase or reduce one's chances of survival.

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