Swimmers Ear Remedies and Prevention

Swimmers ear remedies Prevention, If You often swim, maybe water out of your ear have become commonplace. However, this condition can deteriorate and eventually could potentially lead to the infection of swimmer's ear . However, You can still prevent it before the condition gets worse. Actually, what that infection is swimmer's ear? How to prevent this disease?

Swimmer's ear is one type of otitis externa, i.e. infection of the outer ear that occur because there is water trapped on the inside of the ear canal. Water that is trapped is then to create an environment that is damp, so as to facilitate the growth of bacteria and fungus in Your ear hole.
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swimmers ear remedies Prevention

Mostly this condition is caused by the presence of the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. This condition generally occurs in people who swim often, that's why the ear infection is called swimmer's ear.

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In order to avoid ear infections if you swim often :

1. Keep the ears clean and dry
Try to always keep both Your ears clean and dry, especially after swimming and bathing. It's easy, You can tilt the head to make the water out, do this until the water is noticeably missing from both ears.

Use a few drops of alcohol on the ears can also speed up the ears dry, especially when You have a problem with swimmer's ear. But You should remember, don't do this too often. Therefore, the skin contained in the ear canal will be cracked, which then causes Your esophageal infection.

In addition, You can also use a hair dryer (hair dryer) with the most speed is low. Give a distance of about 30 centimeters while shaking the ear lobe. The hot air released by the hair dryer will help the water evaporate more quickly.

2. Keep the cleanliness of the ear
One way to prevent the onset of swimmer's ear, i.e. to maintain the cleanliness of the ears. Because, the water that settles in the ears accompanied with clots cerumen or so called the ear wax, can be mixed up and cause an infection.

Earwax plays an important role to prevent the onset of ear infections. Too much or too little dirt that settles in the ear, can lead to the onset of the problem.

However, you should do not just in cleaning the ears. Instead of smoke the shit, just maybe the dirt can be increasingly thrust into the ear and make the ear susceptible to infection.

That's why, You are recommended to choose a how to clean ear proper. For example, by giving ear drops, mineral oil, or saline solution in Your ear.

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swimmers ear remedies Prevention

3. Use earplugs (ear plugs) while swimming
When swimming, do not rule out the possibility that the ears will concede a lot of water. Well, one way that can be used to prevent it is to wear the blockage of the ear.

Maybe in the beginning of use it will feel a little uncomfortable, but are now widely available the blockage of the ear bending tools for You to use if you want to avoid the entry of water into the ear while swimming.

4. Care the skin of the ear with the better
Not only the skin in the area of the body look out, You take care, but in areas that are rarely seen such as in the ears also You should not forget. The reason is, the condition of the skin of the ear have an important task to prevent the onset of swimmer's ear. The skin of the ear dry and even chapped, ease the ear is vulnerable to various infections.

Especially if the condition of dry skin on the ears is accompanied with itching and allergies, it is likely to be more severe when You have swimmer's ear. You can take care of the condition of the skin of the ear dry in order not to get worse by the way :
  • Try not to scratch the ears is too strong.
  • Never insert any objects into the ear, it can damage the skin of Your ear.
  • For a while, avoid the use of hairspray or other chemicals that can irritate the skin of the ear. Do this until the skin of the ear completely recovered.
  •  Use 1 to 2 drops of olive oil into the ears regularly, can help lubricate the ear canal and treat the skin of the ear dry.

5. Using ear drops
Ear drops can You use to prevent earwax mixed with water in the ear, so that water and dirt will not be nesting in Your ears. The use of these drops is recommended gift with the help of others, so You simply lay in a tilted position with the ear facing upwards.

Then a little pull of the ear in order to provide space in the channels to accelerate the inclusion of ear drops, and go lie down for a few minutes to ensure that the ear drops are absorbed well. Recommendations ear drops that You can use which drops of alcohol, white vinegar, olive oil, and hydrogen peroxide.

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