The Benefits Of Doxycyline For Acne And Side Effects

Doxycycline for acne - One of the most common problems occurs for all the good that both men and women is acne treatment. Often the problem of acne makes appearance a bit less convincing, especially if the level of the acne is quite severe. The skin of the face is one body part which reflect an idiosyncrasy of the us, so many ways to take care of him.

The Benefits Of Doxycyline For Acne And Side Effects

How to remove acne scars can be done with simple way such as consuming vegetables and fruits as well as avoid the face of the use of chemical drugs. However, most people prefer to use chemical medicines such as cream or permbersih face.

Indeed, the effects of the chemical drugs is noticeably faster and can instantly see the results. One drug that is often used is Doxycycline where the benefits are able to eliminate acne. However, is it true that the drug antibotik that can eliminate acne?

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Definition Of Doxycycline

Before going any further, it's good if You understand the meaning of the drug. Doxycycline is a drug that belongs to the antibiotic tetracycline which work to inhibit or kill the growth of bacteria on the face area which is very harmful and can even cause infection.

There are some working system of the drug anitbiotik include :

Reduce the bacteria in the follicle area of the face. By naked eyes, our face is composed of pores in which there is a hair-fine hair that serves as the sweat glands.
Make sure the content of nutrients of the production of white blood cells can not give an irritant effect on the skin.
Reduce the content of fatty acids in the area of sebum. Area of sebum is exactly what is often the one area the appearance of acne.

In addition to treating acne, Doxycycline can also be used to clean the bacteria in the urinary tract, infection of the lungs, mouth, and disease sexually transmitted, even can be used for prevention of malaria.

You may not yet understand that any antibiotic drugs including Doxycycline, have rules or warnings that should be obeyed so as not to cause side effects to harm the body. Then what is the course Warning in taking Doxycycline?

Warning The Consumption Of Doxycycline

1. Prohibited For Pregnant women and Breastfeeding

The average for the antibiotic drugs are not allowed dkonsumsi by pregnant women. Although there are several types of antibiotic medications that can be consumed based on doctor's prescription, but for the type of Doxycycline is very not allowed for pregnant and lactating women.

2. Not Allowed On Children Under 12 Years

Consuming antibiotics regularly turns are not allowed on children under 12 years of age. The effect of the consumption of Doxycycline in children under 12 years old is a color change in the lining of the teeth.

3. Must Use A Doctor's Prescription

Regulations about the consumption of drugs antibiotics this time is very tight, the public can no longer buy antibiotics without a doctor's prescription. Therefore, in the consumption of Doxycycline should be included a prescription from a doctor. If the level of acne on the face is quite severe usually doctor give you Doxycycline.

4. Prohibited From Taking Doxycycline Along With Supplements

The content in the Doxycycline was very sensitive to the type of medicine supplements such as magnesium, zinc, calcium, and iron. So it is not recommended to consume Doxycycline along with the supplements, as much as possible to give pause at least 2 hours. (Also read: the Benefits of Natur E to Eliminate Acne Scars , the Benefits of Nuriskin For Acne Skin)

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5. Drink Plenty Of Water

During the routine consume Doxycycline You should multiply the consumption of water to avoid irritation in the throat section.

6. Note The Factor Of Drug Allergy

You should be careful of allergy medications antibiotics, some of the disorders that could potentially interfere with health is a declining function of the liver, lupus, the skin becomes sensitive to sunlight, porphyria, and myasthenia gravis.

If after taking Doxycycline occurs disorders like itching or symptoms less good then immediately contact the nearest doctor.

If You are using Doxycycline as medication of acne should pay attention to dosage or dose drinking. The doctor will usually pay attention to the cause of the patient, if the use of Doxycycline for antibiotics choice then will be given the dosage low, but at the time of the patient's condition is too serious then the dose used must be high.

For the treatment of acne on the face then the dosage which is used only 50 grams each day in a period of 6 to 12 weeks. The average user is less thorough so that one determine the dosisinya.

The Benefits Of Doxycyline For Acne And Side Effects

Side Effects Doxycycline

No different from the medications, Doxycycline has side effects if too often consume it. Here are some side effects of taking Doxycycline without regard to the dose:
1. Impaired Digestion
No stranger if the side effects of Doxycycline is a disorder of the digestion. To consume Doxycycline required 2 hours after a meal.

2. Nausea Vomiting
The condition of the stomach will be impaired, causing nausea and vomiting.

3. Headache
The condition of the body after the consume will be seen less focus so it often appears pain the head.

4. Irritation Of The Throat
One side effect of the Doxycycline is the easy occurrence of irritation on the part of the throat. To prevent irritation of the can to increase the consumption of water and honey. (Also read: How to Remove Acne with Honey , Benefits of Honey Mask For Acne)

Very noticeable how the strictness of regulations and how to consume Doxycycline properly. As already described, that the benefits of Doxycycline for acne includes aspects of the cleanse the bacteria or free radicals in the skin, as well as able to cure various diseases such as allergies.

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Although its use raises the side effects, but many people use it because of the impact of the disappearance of the acne is clearly visible and quick. Various solutions in eliminating acne can be pursued with a variety of actions such as facial and wear a natural mask.

For women , having a beautiful face white and free of acne is the dream. To overcome the problems surrounding the facial skin is very sensitive because of how easy and cheap it can give the effect of less well as the use of chemical drugs which are priced at cheap prices.

In eliminating acne the use of antibiotics such as Doxycycline course should pay attention to the outer wrap and the dose. Consult with a doctor to be one way out of the most secure, though must expend a lot of your budget. For some people caring for the beauty of the face is mandatory, so do not be surprised if the cost of facial treatments can be very high.

Information about the benefits of Doxycycline for acne above hopefully can provide benefits that are useful in terms of taking care of the skin of the face. One important thing that must be considered is the safety factor of the consumer after taking the prescribed antibiotics and all people do not always fit with the antibiotics course.

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