Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms In Adults And Child

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms, Vitamin D deficiency can result in inhibition of the growth and strengthening of bones in children and in adults . Two of this health disorder can be overcome with the rays of the sun as our body is able to produce vitamin D naturally through sun exposure.

Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms In Adults And Child

Vitamins of this type is actually produced by the body from exposure to sunlight. However, this can be a problem when it is excessive because ultraviolet rays can lead to certain diseases. ignoring the intake of vitamin D can increase the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes by two and a half times.

In addition, a source of vitamin D can be obtained from these kinds of food, such as fish, fish liver oil, egg yolk, as well as products wheat and processed milk. The usefulness of vitamin D, among others, maintain the growth of bones, muscles, and stabilize blood pressure.

On some other research found the benefits of vitamin D is able to relieve the disease of fibromyalgia and slow down the progression of the disease multiple sclerosis.

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The Risk Of Vitamin D Deficiency

In many cases, vitamin D deficiency do not manifest any symptoms. On vitamin D deficiency mild, some people can feel fatigue and aches all over the body. In a condition that is already severe, children and adults who have experienced a lack of vitamin D can experience abnormalities in the bones and joints.

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms in Child
  • Baby vitamin D deficiency weight category is characterized by a deficiency of calcium can lead to disorders, such as seizures, rigid muscles, and difficulty breathing.

  • Children with deficiency of vitamin D generally have impaired growth in the form of the bones of the skull and the feet soft. The shape of the foot look curved or bent. This condition can be pain in the bones of the foot, muscle pain, and weakening of the muscles called rickets.
Vitamin D deficiency symptoms in adults
Meanwhile, the symptoms due to vitamin D deficiency in adults at the level of light can lead to fatigue, vague pain, and feeling less healthy. Whereas, due to a deficiency of vitamin D in severe conditions for adults can result in osteomalacia.

The disease is characterized by the appearance of pain while holding heavy loads and a weakening of the condition of the body so that patients have difficulty getting out of bed, difficult to climb the stairs, or how to run a stagger.

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A number of studies associate an increased risk of some diseases result from a deficiency of vitamin D namely :

1. Heart disease
A study found that vitamin D deficiency is associated with a number of cases of heart disease. This relation is based on the findings of 70 percent of patients who undergo coronary angiography detected experiencing a shortage of vitamin D.

2. Prostate cancer
Research in 2014 found a link between low vitamin D levels in the blood with prostate cancer aggressive in men of pedigreed European-americans and African-Americans. Vitamin D levels were studied in 667 men aged 40-79 years undergoing prostate biopsy.

The result of the participants experiencing a deficiency of vitamin D are more prone to suffer from prostate cancer compared with men who levels of vitamin D in their blood cells are normal, especially in men of African American descent.

3. Schizophrenia
Different research in 2014 shows that a person who is in need of vitamin D at risk diagnosed with schizophrenia up to two-fold. Schizophrenia is a brain disorder severe characterized symptoms, such as hallucinations, the desire to withdraw from society, talk began to inconsequential, difficulty concentration.

Although not yet able to be treated fully, schizophrenia can be treated through a treatment, such as behavioral therapy-cognitive therapy is a psychosocial, as well as education that involves the family and support group.

Basically, vitamin D deficiency can be prevented through the fulfillment of nutritional value of food day-to-day, but if this step is still not sufficient, please talk to your doctor to determine the dosage, schedule an appropriate examination, in accordance with the conditions, age, and level of severity caused by a lack of vitamin D. ( Read more : colon cancer test and cheap small business health insuranc )

Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms In Adults And Child
Common symptoms that Your body actually vitamin D deficiency and be a signal to multiply the nutrients :

1. Excessive sweating
One of vitamin D deficiency in the newborn is forehead sweating. According to Holick, this also could be a harbinger for adults.

So, if You sweat when the temperature and the activity is stable, may it be a sign of a nutrient that is lacking in the body, namely vitamin D.

2. Suddenly weak
Vitamin D deficiency can make You feel tired even though had enough sleep.

A study from the University of Tulsa find, athletes who are deficient in vitamin D in the blood is not able to lift heavy loads, run fast or jump far and high. This is because, vitamin D has benefits to make muscle is to contract.

3. Feel depressed
An international study found, vitamin D is associated with depressed mood and depressed.

Likely, this happens because vitamin D works in the area of the brain and have an impact on hormones such as serotonin and dopamine, which affect mood.

4. The pain and soreness that often comes up with random
"It's not too often, but some experience pain and pain in the bones is known as ostomalacia," said Holick.

Those who are diagnosed with inflammation of the joints may have a deficiency of vitamin D in the body. This is because the presence of pain in the joints and muscles.

5. Fractures
Bone mass will stop woke up in the age of 30 years. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, vitamin D deficiency can accelerate and aggravate the osteoporosis.

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