What Is Ligma Disease ? Here's ligma diseases definition and causes

What Is Ligma Disease ? Ligma is a fictional disease associated with the news of the hoax death made by users Instagram ninja_hater who claim that Fortnite Streamer, Ninja ligma already died after contracting the disease. The purpose of this joke is to ask your fans a question to ask what it Ligma, in which the participants in the hoax it will respond with "ligma balls" ("lick my balls"), a joke that is similar with Deez Nuts and Updog.

Hoax it also spawned a joke-a joke about the citizenship of fiction Sugondese ("suck on these"), the city Grabahan ("grab a hand") and diseases of the fictitious Sugma ("suck my") and Bofa (the"both of") . ( Read more : colon cancer test and proton therapy for prostate cancer )
What Is Ligma Disease ? : The Causes And Chronological

How Does Chronological Ninja ligma

On July 16, 2018, users of Instagram ninja_hater upload images of the Ninja are ascending to heaven, where he has been awaited by famous figures such as Harambe, Billy Mays, Tupac Shakur, Michael Jackson, and Lil Peep.

This picture is usually posted after a public figure high profile dies, and in this case given the title with the phrase "Join us, Ninja" to show that a Ninja has died, ninja_hater ask his followers to spread such images so that they can make false news.

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The next day, the image was reposted by users of the Instagram foster.roach, who said that a Ninja has died because of the disease of fiction "Ligma." When the hoax is starting to get a lot of attention, Ninja tweeted that he has landed in Los Angeles with his wife.

On the same day, news outlets game Twin Galaxies discuss about hoaxes such, it is speculated that the Ninja believed to have died by his fans because he is not active for a few days. Finally, Ninja denied the rumors of his death by streaming and uploading content to Twitter and Instagram.

However, fans that do not know anything ask what it is about the disease Ligma where the participants of the hoax the answer to that question with the phrase "ligma balls/nuts.".

On 23 July,the news of the hoax death, as well as diseases Ligma itself, discussed by various news outlets such as The Verge, Daily Mail , Metro , The Daily Dot , The Sun and the Polygon. The article Polygon, along with discussing the hoax, and interviewed ninja_hater the originator of the hoax, which revealed that he did not think the hoax can be successful , and said that his intention with the hoax that is to shake up the Internet community and see how big a reaction he can create.

Polygon also gave credit to spookid as the origin of the variation of the hoax ligma, citing some post Instagram, including DM between spookid and Ninja where Ninja ask spookid to stop claiming that the Ninja has died because Ligma.

On July 20, the user Instagram spookid uploaded a clip from one of the stream is a Ninja, which shows a Ninja ask a moderator to help anyone who mentions Ligma in the chat, stating that the first offense will be given a ban for 24 hours and repeated violations will be permanently banned.

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What Is Ligma Disease ? : The Causes And Chronological

2 hours later, the comedian Instagram Supreme Patty (another target of the hoax) to upload a sketch video in which a doctor diagnosed him with Ligma, and when asked what it Ligma, the doctor responds with the punchline of a joke, "Ligma balls". Finally, the Ninja receive a meme Ligma in the YouTube comments in a PewDiePie video Memes Review on July 22, making PewDiePie to embed his comments.

On 21 July 2018, users of Urban DictionaryKissingmyhomiesGN make an entry for "Sugma," define it as "a rare disease that is only contracted on fornite streamers” . On July 23rd, YouTuber Dolan Darker upload a video Twitter that displays a message conversation in which he made the PewDiePie ask about the nationality of the fictitious "Sugondese" to setup punchlinenya "Sugondese nuts". In 24 hours, the video got 146.000 Views and 1,700 comments.

On the same day, YouTuber Emperor Lemon uploaded a video titled "Grabahan," in which he made a joke about the city Grabahan with the line "Grabahan full of my nuts". On July 24, a screenshot of Redditors make "Sugdandese nuts" joke posted to /r/meirl, where he got more than 12,800 points (95% upvoted) and 180 comments within eight hours.

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