Why Does My Vagina Stink ? Here's 5 Major Causes and Treatment

Why does my vagina stink ? It's can be caused by several things. This complaint can not only make a woman is not confident, however it could also be a sign of problems with itchy vaginal area. The smell of the vagina of a woman may differ in one menstrual cycle.

Why Does My Vagina Stink itchy vaginal area

You also don't need to worry if Your vagina feels the smell after doing the activity a sweat. However, if vaginal stink is accompanied by other symptoms, such as itching, pain, or vaginal discharge, You need to be alert. Because, that means there is a problem on the health of Your feminine area.

Although every woman wants to have a vagina that smells fragrant, but according to Cullins vagina will not be able to have the scent of scented like a flower. It is precisely according to him, a healthy vagina has a slight aroma of fishy.

There are several factors that can cause the aroma of your vagina, ranging from infection, exercise and perspiration, hormonal changes in the menstrual cycle, and changes the level of acidity of the vagina.

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Here are some of the fragrance of vagina that need to be aware and when to watch out for :

1. Fishy 
the Cause is bacterial vaginosis (BV).
Therapy: antibiotics.
According to Cullins bacteria basically normal and keep the vagina stay healthy. But, BV can create an imbalance. Sometimes BV have no symptoms, but can also cause discharge white or gray, a strong fishy stink (especially after sex and washed with soap), and itching.

2. The Aroma as the bread 
Likely to be caused by a fungal infection.
Therapy with antifungal drugs.
Fungal infection occurs when a fungus called candida grows excessive. Most people have the fungus in small amounts in the mouth and gastrointestinal tract. Healthy women also have the fungus in the vagina, but sometimes this fungus can cause infection. As a result of the vaginal fluid will be like cottage cheese and thick.

3. Smells sour Likely
Caused by trichomoniasis.
Treatment: antibiotics
trich is the cause of the vaginitis. This infection caused by the protozoa, the animal is a single cell microscopic sized called trichomona. this is a sexually transmitted infection.

4. Smelling onion 
Cause: body stink
Treatment: take a Bath
If we consume quite a lot of onion or garlic, we can menyekresi the aroma of this onion in urine and fluid in the vagina can also smell a bit like the aroma of onions. But after 24-48 hours the smell will be back to nromal. But sometimes the aroma of this onion can be caused by urine, feces, or from the anus. The best way to reduce the scent of this is by washing with soap and water.

5. The smell of rotten meat 
Cause: the tampons are left behind
Treatment: see a doctor immediately
If we're wearing a tampon and forgot to replace it during one or more days, the aroma can be smelled rotten. Should immediately to the doctor to pick up tampons.

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Why Does My Vagina Stink itchy vaginal area

Causes Of Vaginal stink

Maintain the health and cleanliness of the area of femininity or the vagina is important. Identify some of the causes of vaginal stink in under this, and a variety of other symptoms, to determine whether the smell in the vagina is dangerous or not.

1. Trichomoniasis
This condition is caused by infection with the parasite Trichomonas vaginalis and is one of the sexually transmitted diseases. Transmission of the disease trichomoniasis can through the relationship between the penis with the vagina or vagina to vagina.

The disease is sometimes asymptomatic, but can be transmitted to a sexual partner sufferers. Vaginal smell with the characteristics smell fishy or foul stink is one of the symptoms of trichomoniasis.

2. Bacterial Vaginosis
 In normal conditions, the vagina is inhabited by good bacteria that do not cause disease and serve to protect the vagina to make the atmosphere sour. But on the vaginosis of be, the number of normal bacteria is reduced, so that the acidity of the vagina decreases and other bacteria that can trigger the disease have increased.

Finally, there is an infection in the vagina. Vaginal stink is one of the symptoms of this condition. The characteristic smell of the vagina in this disease is fishy or like the smell of fish, after intercourse. In addition, the vagina will secrete a whitish-gray or white, frothy or watery.

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In addition to some of the above, although it occurs rarely or is not a common occurrence, the cause of the onset of vaginal odor, among others, is vaginal cancer, cervical cancer, or rectovaginal. Hormonal changes or eating certain foods, such as onions, cheese, cabbage, fish, and chili peppers, also sometimes can make the vagina smell. ( Read more : colon cancer test and proton therapy for prostate cancer )

Love Your Feminine Area

Less maintain the cleanliness of womanhood could be the cause of the onset of vaginal odor. Take care of Your feminine hygiene area with some of the following ways:

1. Take care of hygiene Miss V
 Note the use of sanitary napkins. If You are in the menstrual period, remember to diligently replace the pads with new ones. Avoid using it during the day. Remember also to avoid the use of underwear are tight and does not absorb sweat.

This condition can cause health problems in Your vagina. In addition, after defecation, as much as possible avoid wiping from back to front. That bacteria around the anus do not get into the vagina. Remember to wipe from front to back. This way also can reduce the risk of urinary tract infections.

2. Pay attention to moisture Miss V
You also need to keep a part of Your femininity to stay dry, and use the underwear with comfortable material, such as cotton. We recommend not using tight pants to avoid increasing the moisture in the area of femininity that can trigger infections and harbor bacteria.

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