10 Stroke Symptoms In Women Often Ignored

Stroke symptoms in women , A person's risk for having a stroke can increase as we age. Well, the average age of women is longer than men, because it is a risk for stroke was higher in women. Women usually are also more susceptible to disease-an autoimmune disease.

A number of inflammatory disorders can also cause damage to the blood vessels or blood clots that increase the risk of stroke. Some types of migraine can increase stroke in women. And women are also generally more susceptible to migraines.

A recent study even showed a surprising fact in which women with obesity problems turned out to be much more susceptible to stroke than men who are obese. Research conducted in the Uk and released in the journal Neurology this was done by involving data from 1.3 million women in the Uk with an average age of 57 years.

Of all the participants, more than 344 thousand of which are women with normal body mass index, more than 228 thousand of them are women with the condition of obesity with a body mass index of 30, and 20 thousand more women in them have the risk of having a stroke.

10 Stroke Symptoms In Women Often Ignored

How women can prevent a stroke ?

These women have already followed the development of his health condition for more than 12 years. The results found that those who have excessive weight or obesity will have a risk of developing a hemorrhagic stroke, a condition in which the blood vessels in the brain break down and very dangerous for a person because it can make the blood and oxygen supply to the brain is stopped.

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From this research, it is known that there are more than 2,200 women who were at risk of experiencing an ischemic stroke and more than 1,500 women at risk of developing a hemorrhagic stroke from the data of 344 thousand women with normal weight. Meanwhile, obese women, there are almost 2400 women at risk of developing ischemic stroke and 910 people with the risk of developing a hemorrhagic stroke.

This means that, on every woman that her body mass index increased as much as five numbers, then the risk of ischaemic stroke could increase by up to 21 percent. There is a good woman better keep her weight remains the ideal in order not to stroke these deadly.

Symptoms Of A Mild Stroke In Women

Some of the things that indicate the presence of symptoms of a mild stroke in women, among others, as follows.

1. Numbness on one side of the body.

The most common symptom of a stroke generally is the presence of numbness on one side of the body. This is especially the case in the arms and legs. When the numbness generally You will feel the loss of strength is abrupt or sudden.

Then Your body parts that experience numbness are no longer able to feel anything. When you touch something You will not feel anything when You experience numbness. In addition, Your face will also appear decreased. If these symptoms suddenly appear then You should immediately check yourself into the nearest hospital.

2. Interference when speak.

Disorders or difficulty when speaking can occur as a symptom of a mild stroke. There are several forms of speech disorders that may occur at the time You experience symptoms of a mild stroke on the face. Include slurred speech or difficult in issuing the words. You should also immediately seek medical treatment at the time You are experiencing difficulties talk to either lisp or can't talk at all.

3. The problem in terms of vision.

One of the symptoms of stroke that can happen is the vision began to blur. The process of the occurrence of these events is actually the same with the events of numbness on parts of the body. The problem in terms of vision this generally occurs on one side only.

But You can also experience blurred vision in both eyes. Or it could be a problem that occurs in the eye You are can not look to the right or left. Impaired vision that occurs is actually not caused by the presence of the ball of the eye or the optic nerve.

That is the eyeball and the optic nerve You are in a state of fine. It's just information that You obtained can not be processed due to the presence of a damage. The damage was not caused by a stroke.

4. Pain in the face and limbs.

Pain is the characteristic of the symptoms of a stroke. It also included pain in the face and limbs. Some people signify pain in the limbs as a result of a rise in blood pressure caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. High blood pressure is when the left will eventually lead to a stroke.

This pain also can radiate to the face. If You experience this condition then You should immediately see a doctor. It is intended that the symptoms of stroke that occur can be dealt with immediately. Because if not treated immediately then the initial symptoms of stroke will result in the emergence of the disease stroke advanced more severe.

5. It is difficult to swallow.

In general, women tend to experience symptoms of a stroke are a little different when compared with men. Generally You as a woman could be experiencing symptoms of difficult swallowing, which indicates the presence of an indication of a stroke. This can only make You be a frequent nausea and vomiting sudden.

6. Shortness of breath.

In general, difficulty in swallowing You are experiencing is also accompanied by the presence of the condition shortness of breath. Shortness of breath also occur suddenly. As with shortness of breath due to allergies. If shortness of breath because of experiencing symptoms of a mild stroke in women, usually occurs instantly without the originator of any allergy.

10 Stroke Symptoms In Women Often Ignored

7. Hiccups are a sudden.

Hiccups that occur suddenly could be a symptom of stroke. Hiccups are normal will be completed by itself in a fairly short time. However, unlike the case with the hiccups marker stroke. Generally hiccups will take place continuously. Hiccups this will continue to happen for a few days. When You experience hiccups like this then You need to immediately seek medical care nearby.

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8. Chest pain.

Some people assume that the chest pain experienced can occur due to the presence of a heart attack. However chest pain can indicate the presence of symptoms of a mild stroke that You experienced. This pain can last fora few minutes.

However, if the pain in the chest is often a relapse You should solve them immediately. Because this could be an early sign of the presence of blood vessels in the heart are clogged so it doesn't work optimal. As a result arises the pain is not usually from the symptoms of the blockage.

9. Loss of consciousness.

Loss of consciousness or derilium is a condition that can occur suddenly and is temporary. If You experience loss of consciousness then You will experience decline ability in focus the attention. You will also become dazed and disoriented. In addition, You will not be able to think in focus and clear. So in this case You will be difficult to concentrate.

10. Loss of balance.

Kinds of disease stroke especially a general strike of women can occur with symptoms of dizziness which comes suddenly. Dizziness this can ultimately cause You to be lose balance. If You experience it You should immediately consult to the doctor before the symptoms of stroke is becoming more severe and continuous.

Symptoms of a mild stroke in women can be seen through the symptoms that we have given. As for if You experience one or more of the symptoms of stroke it is better You see your doctor as soon.

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