17 Best Natural Remedy For Allergies Seasons

Natural remedy for allergies seasons, Anyone can experience the cold allergies or cold urticaria in which will appear a welt or a rash redness and itching on the surface of the skin as a reaction to  temperatures. 

Each person can experience the symptoms of cold allergy is not the same, here also the level of severity that is different.

There are even some that feel difficulty in breathing because the tongue and throat already beginning to swell, followed by heart palpitations, loss of consciousness, decreased blood pressure, as well as swelling on the arms and torso. 

Here below is an example allergies symptoms that You must know as well as be aware of.
  • The skin becomes reddish.
  • Runny nose, congested, and kept sneezing like when flu.
  • The hand will swell when there is contact with a cold object.
  •  The welt on the skin will feel very itchy.
  • The lips and throat may feel swollen when eating or drinking something cold.
  • The symptoms will be more serious when the skin turns light.
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17 Natural Remedy For Allergies Seasons

For You who are looking for best allergy medication, there are a number of recommendations that can be listened to and tried in the house :

1. Garlic

In all conditions, it seems garlic is very effectual used as a solution for every sufferer of cold allergy although there are side effects of garlic You need to know as well. If you already feel cold and for example also to sneezing, You can consume garlic in any form. You can mince it small and then swallowing it directly like when drinking regular medication, or add it to the food You eat.

2. Castor Oil

Castor oil is one of the ingredients that can also be used as a drug by the sufferers of cold allergy. If the sneezing and nose start watering, You can directly apply castor oil on the middle part of Your head. Believe it or not, this oil will be potent to relieve the symptoms of allergies.

3. Red Onion

Quercetin is the content contained in the red onions and have been proven in its ability to reduce the histamine that the body production. Thus, the red onion is proven to be good also to lower the risk of the symptoms of allergies cold. The content of antihistamines natural will inhibit inflammatory processes to flourish and can help You breathe more relief when it happens shortness of breath.

The processing the recommended is You can provide red onion 1 clove, water 4 cups as well as pure honey organic. Red onions need to be cut and sliced thin-thin, then put it in the water. Leave for half a day or 8-12 ja, before finally taken regularly every day 1-2 times. You can save water red onion in the refrigerator just until the 4 day course and if you want to, add honey to taste before eating so the taste is much more palatable.

4. Young Coconut Water

Many may not know also that young coconut water can cope with allergies, in particular allergic to the cold. Because there are properties of cleaning toxins, the coconut water You drink will be able to clean all the toxins in the body and removing it. When the toxins are already out, this automatically lowers the risk of allergy symptoms of cold on the body.

5. Sun

To overcome the problem of cold allergy, it seems indeed also patients need to bask as potent drugs and natural. The intake of sunlight will give the body vitamin D is in which is also good in improving the immune system of the body. Sunbathing will also help so that the body temperature keeps stable and make the body more powerful because it is also a warmer.

6. Steam Heat

Like when You are sick with the flu, runny nose or congestion must be very annoying. This usually also occurs in patients allergic to the cold, even more severe again can be up to shortness of breath. Then as a cure, You can try to inhale the hot steam from the hot water that You set up in a basin. By doing this, the body temperature will also be stable and You will not be easily affected by allergies cold again.

7. Cinnamon

In order to overcome allergy symptoms cold, You can also use the cinnamon; will be more practical when You are trying to use already in the form of a powder. You can mix them directly together with pure honey as much as 1 teaspoon for meringangkan symptoms and restore the body temperature that is too cold.

8. Ginger

Cold allergy will go away when You rely on ginger as a medicine main. Although the side effects of ginger is indeed quite alarming, so long as the amount consumed is not excessive, it actually will not be harmful to the body. Ginger is a spice that is not only good as a cure food allergies, but allergic to the cold is also very effective.

Provide ginger root 1 rhizome, and then You peel and put in a bowl. Pour hot water into the bowl to brew ginger for approximately 10 minutes. Furthermore, You can add honey if you want to add a sweetener is safe and natural. Please You drink regularly until the allergic reactions no longer bother You.

9. Honey

The original honey pure and very high efficacy for the human body, even also able to resolve the problem of cold allergy though. Please search for how to distinguish between original honey and fake if You feel difficulty to obtain honey that is completely organic and pure. Should any honey it is not You cook because usefulness can be lost and become less useful when You eat them.

To use it, You can eat pure honey 1-2 tablespoons every day. Or, better yet, if You drink it 3 times a day in order to usefulness is perceived. Remember that the honey also serves to improve the durability of the body so that it doesn't matter if You consume on a frequent and regular basis. Allergy symptoms can fade if the endurance is back and stronger body.

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17 Natural Remedy For Allergies Seasons

10. Apple Cider Vinegar

If we all know apple cider vinegar as a natural material that can reduce the symptoms of cholesterol, the reality is this type of vinegar was able to be a drug allergy. Specifically for cold allergies and also food allergies, apple cider vinegar can relieve all the symptoms.
  • When the skin begins to beruam, to treat it You can mix apple cider vinegar with a little water before being applied to the surface of the skin.
  •  Alternatively, You could try mixing apple cider vinegar to taste to the water that You will use for bathing. Bath with water apple cider vinegar is known to be effective in eliminating rashes caused by allergies.
11. Oatmeal

Very well known as a food for patients with heart disease, oatmeal can be the breakfast menu for Your health. Oatmeal can also be made into a paste and used as a drug allergy, especially allergy to the cold that cause rashes redness and itching in the skin.
  • Mix eating a spoonful of oatmeal with a cup of water, then simmer for a moment before finally You lift. Wait so the oatmeal is cold about 30 minutes. Strain it first before the pasta oatmeal can be applied to red rash on the skin.
  • An alternative way that You can use is by mixing oatmeal to Your bath water such as apple cider vinegar last. Its effectiveness will be much greater when You bath with oatmeal and water, but also know the dangers of oatmeal instant before using.
12. Lime

If in general, lime is often used as a cough medicine, this time You can use it with the aim of curing the symptoms of allergies cold. During the treatment at home, You could try lime juice to be consumed as long as it doesn't have an allergy on citrus fruits or a history of stomach acid.

 It's simple, You just simply take lime juice to a glass of warm water. Once mixed until smooth, You can drink it every day. To feel the effect, usually must be taken for several months. But as long as it is consumed regularly, its effectiveness is quite high.

13. Wasabi

You must already know what it is wasabi, but for those who are not too familiar, wasabi this is a sambal is a typical Japanese. The taste of spiciness is quite surprising for a first time try because it can up to the nose. When You enjoy sushi, wasabi will always accompany, but apparently wasabi can also be used to treat cold allergy.

Because of the spiciness that can be inhaled up into the nose, wasabi is the right solution to reduce the symptoms of cold allergy that made Your nose is often clogged. That is, with wasabi You are able to make the nose of the back is relieved and the breathing can return to normal. This is all thanks to the presence of the compound allyl isothiocyanate in wasabi, which also eliminates excess mucus in the nose when tasted so watery.

14. Green Tea

It looks like it's a lot of people know that green tea offers many health benefits. Due to the content of antihistamines natural very active, then sufferers of cold allergy it is recommended to eat routinely.
  • Every day You can drink the 1-2 cups that can eliminate the symptoms interfere of of cold allergy.
  • You can also try adding honey to taste if You want green tea there is a bit of a sweet taste without sugar. However, make sure that the honey You use is pure honey so that the efficacy of received and perceived is a maximum.
15. Peppermint Tea

There are many types of tea which is very useful for health, one of which is peppermint tea. Aside from green tea, You can also use peppermint tea as a remedy for allergic conditions cold. This tea is recommended to drink every day when the weather is cold and allergic reactions starting out.

Sometimes in some cases, sufferers of cold allergy will experience sinus and cough-cough, so there's no harm in trying the drug peppermint tea to cure. In addition to be able to treat, of course, peppermint tea can be heating natural body in times of cold weather. Even when the nose is runny and full of mucus will be able to be overcome by the tea on this one.

16. Chamomile Tea

Still there is another type of tea that can also treat the problem of cold allergy, i.e. chamomile tea. This tea can be sedative at a time when the mind is stress and mood are messed up, or even used as a way of treating shrimp allergy. This tea was able to warm the body when the weather is very cold.

Allergy symptoms that appear because of the cold temperature You can relieve by drinking it regularly every day 2 cups per day. If you want to do prevention, You can also add honey. Constituted natural antihistamines such as green tea, You can try and feel the benefits when an allergic reaction comes.

17. Almond Oil

For those of You who feel discomfort in the nose and breathing because of the runny or clogged due to cold allergies, almond oil can be a cure. Squirt it a few times into the hole of the nose so that breathing returns to normal. Even the temperature of the body that come of cold to follow the weather and air around will be more noticeably improved because of this oil.

When You search for a cure cold allergy are natural and safe but has a high effectiveness, a number of drugs that are already recommended in the above You can consider. With side effects is small, You can use this method of treatment.

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