Home remedies for vaginal yeast infection symptoms

Vaginal yeast infection is a very common infection attack women. Most women at least one-two times experiencing yeast infection in in his life. Although not serious, the symptoms can make You uncomfortable day.

The good news is, if You know what increases Your risk, You might be able to prevent the infection coming again later in the day. The following info details.

What are the causes and symptoms of vaginal yeast infection ? Vagina is Lactobacillus acidophilus, the good bacteria that served produce acid to help balance the population of bacteria and other fungi are also under there. The balance of this population can be distracted by many things causing the infection.

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Home remedies for vaginal yeast infection symptoms treatments

Vaginal yeast infections are generally caused by the growth of the fungus Candida albicans which is off-limits. The mushrooming growth of this fungus leads to vaginal itching, feel hot, pain when urinating or having sex, and removing the vaginal discharge smell.

Things that increase Your risk of developing a vaginal yeast infection

Here are some of the things that can increase women's risk of developing a fungal infection in the vagina:

1. Taking antibiotics

Antibiotics such as penicillin, erythromycin, tetracycline, and amoxicillin, used to treat and prevent infection by killing and inhibiting the growth of bacteria. As a side effect, the content of antibiotics can disturb the natural pH of the vagina is usually slightly acidic, with a kill of healthy bacteria. As a result, the growth of yeast increases and can cause a fungal infection in the vagina.

2. Pregnant

Estrogen levels are higher during pregnancy make Your vagina produce more glycogen, which then makes the mushrooms easier to grow lush in there. In addition to pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers are also susceptible to Candida infections for the same reason.

3. Use of contraception

Taking birth control pills or use an IUD to prevent pregnancy can increase Your risk for a fungal infection of the vagina. Because, the second method of pregnancy prevention is “armed” by the additional hormones estrogen and progesterone, which can nourish the population of fungi in the vagina.

Even so, the latest version of some contraceptive hormones that exist today no longer have the same effect. You can consult with gynecologist to determine hormonal contraception what is the most suitable for You.

Semen, blood and breast MILK, as well as fluid preseminal, vaginal and rectal, may contain virus. Unprotected sexual intercourse and sharing of needles in the middle of the use of certain drugs, is one of the most common way to transmit HIV.

4. Have uncontrolled diabetes

If Your diabetes is not controlled, blood sugar levels of the body can be soaring high. The increase of sugar can cause the growth of fungus overgrowth in the vaginal area. This is because the soft tissues in the vagina along with vaginal secretions contain a lot of glucose.

Fungi that live in the vagina live from the excess sugar, thus causing them to grow more fertile and become infection. In addition, hyperglycemia interfere with immune function can help fight infections.

Therefore, it is important to keep blood sugar levels remain in the normal limits. This also applies for women who do not have diabetes though.

5. The immune system is weak

The function of the immune system is weakened or disrupted due to a specific condition can make the body difficult to fight off infections. Some of the conditions that can lead to a weakening of the immune system for example HIV/AIDS, diabetes, undergoing chemotherapy, recently recovered from receiving organ transplants, or are an inpatient in a hospital for a specific reason.

The use of steroid drugs to treat inflammation can also increase risk of fungal infection in the vagina, because steroids work to suppress the immune system.

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Home remedies for vaginal yeast infection symptoms treatments

7. Sex

Fungal infection in the vagina can occur after sexual activity, especially contact oral sex with a man who has oral thrush (thrush in the mouth due to a fungus) or vaginal sex with a man who has fungal infection in his penis. Even so, yeast infection in the penis occurs more often in men who have not/are not circumcised.

Having sex with healthy men who do not have any infection also can still increase women's risk of developing vaginal yeast infections due to the penetration of vaginal can change the pH levels of the vagina so that the mushrooms can grow more lush in there. That's why women are emphasized to always pee after sex.

Treatment of Vaginal yeast infection

If the yeast infection in Your vagina is not caused by pregnancy, You can treat yourself with home remedies for vaginal yeast infection, You can buy without a doctor's prescription, such as by applying an antifungal cream (butoconazole, clotrimazole, miconazole, and terconazole) in the affected area or drink antifungal tablets fluconazole to cope with the symptoms from the inside.

If You are pregnant, do not indiscriminate use of drugs to deal with Candida infection anything without talking it over with the doctor.

Prevent of vaginal yeast infection

There is no sure way to prevent Candida infection. But certain actions can reduce Your risk of developing a vaginal yeast infection. One thing that is most fundamental and must be done is to maintain the cleanliness of the vagina. The fungus thrives in the area damp and warm, then as much as possible keep Your vagina clean and dry.

Avoid washing the vagina with scented soap can disturb the pH balance of the vagina. Basically the vagina already has a way to cleanse themselves by keeping the pH levels and bacterial colonies remain balanced. Because of that, You simply wash the vagina with warm water lukewarm one to two times a day.

To relieve the symptoms of odor, itching, vaginal discharge, or prevent infection in the vaginal area, You can use cleaning products of femininity. Especially during menstruation, the time in which the vagina is very susceptible to infection.

Antiseptic cleaning of femininity that is better fitting for contains the active ingredient Povidone Iodine and contains absolutely no fragrances, perfumes, or substances of soap.

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