Kids Youtube Channels Syndrome And How To Overcome

Kids Youtube Channels Syndrome , Today there are a lot of entertainment media that can be easily accessed by children and the development of free ckids games in the form of films, animations, kids cartoon or applications. Ease is certainly very influenced by the technological developments in the field of information technology.

The internet network makes it easy for kids to get entertainment instantly. Kids can watch any movie according to their taste.

Because of this ease, many children feel at being in front of a computer or watching a movie via smartphone for hours. Children do require entertainment, but if too excessive of course be something that could bring a negative effect for children.

I have a protege who is very fond of accessing youtube. When his parents were busy working, he never separated from the name of watching youtube. When he was in school or in class, he often behaves like a cartoon character. His style can vary. He also often says a sentence the same in English repeatedly. He even became like a loss of identity.

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Kids Youtube Channels Syndrome And How To Overcome Them

Maybe because he too often sit for long while watching movie in youtube, he become lazy. If he has difficulty doing something, it will whine and ask for help. He became lazy learning, so that achievement becomes degenerate. Whereas according to the observations of the teachers, he includes a smart kid.

Of course You don't want fruit liver You are experiencing what is experienced by my students and this is not? If You do not want fruit liver You are experiencing the same thing, I suggest that You immediately perform a preventive action.

1. Set a schedule to watch youtube

Do not let the child too long watching a movie. Because this of course will greatly affect the spirit of the child, both in learning and in getting along with your friends. You can limit the child watching the film on youtube for a maximum of 2 hours. It was limited to Saturday and Sunday only, so as not to disrupt the learning schedule of the child.

2. Have a list of movies that are kid friendly

As a parent, You need to understand the movies what kids watched. When necessary, You already have a list of movies that are safe for consumption by children. To get to know the films that deserve to be consumed by children, 

You can find information about the title-the title of the movie through internet and print media in the form of a synopsis. If necessary, You've took time to watch a movie that will have You given to the fruit of Your heart.

3. The importance of physical activity

Children hobbies are watching movies, sometimes lazy to do the activity of the body. You need to be alert, because one of the characteristics of children who are addicted to youtube are experiencing the laziness in doing physical activity. 

Give a chance to the child to physical activities, if necessary outside the home and with peers. With physical exertion, children will be more physically healthy. In addition, his fantasies would be more restrained, so he will not lost their identity even though many mimic the behavior of the figures of the movies he watched.

Kids Youtube Channels Syndrome And How To Overcome Them

It will also help level the focus of the children, especially when children learn in school. Children who are addicted to films, would typically have a focus level that low, because for him learning is something that is not fun. He often imagined about the characters in the film he just watched.

One physical activity that appeal to children's gardening activities. This activity benefits of gardening for children of an early age.

4. The importance of socializing

Don't until Your comfortable with his own world. How any human need other people to communicate with each other and interact. Many children who are addicted to youtube being lazy hanging out with other people. If left untreated, this of course will bring a negative effect, especially when too be left up to children the age of teen, to young, to adult.

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5. Point on games educational

There are many means of online entertainment along with youtube. One of them is online gaming educational. Currently a lot of games-the educational games and kids Games are usually more easily selected

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