Prostate Cancer Symptoms, Cause and Treatment

Prostate Cancer Symptoms Cause and Treatment - prostate cancer is one disease that is a scourge for men. This disease usually appears when a man is aged over 50 years. The symptoms are often complained of is often can not hold urination, what more the desire that arises when the evening. Plus, although the desire to urinate, but the urine tough it out and felt very sick. Actually what it is the prostate, what causes that arise from disorders of the prostate, and how to handle prostate cancer treatment ? Here is the explanation.

Prostate Cancer Symptoms Cause and Treatment

What is it the prostate? The prostate is a male sex gland located below the bladder and surrounds the urinary tract (urethra). The size of this organ of hazelnut seeds with a diameter of four centimeters. Increasing age, the size of the prostate will get bigger.

In men aged 25-30 years the prostate reaches a maximum weight of around 25 grams. The prostate is a sex gland that is critical to removing the mixture of fluids and enzymes required by sperm to stay healthy. When men reached the age of puberty, the prostate gland begins to create seminal fluid. And, as we age, men can experience prostate disorders which are benign prostate enlargement, prostate inflammation, and prostate cancer.

After knowing what it is the prostate, You are certainly curious about the diseases of the prostate in men and causes of prostate disorder its functions. Knowing the causes of prostate in men will help You to plan the proper treatment so that prostate disease can be cured with proper.

The causes of Prostate Disease in Men

1. Benign prostate enlargement

Many causes of diseases of the prostate can make a man feel the pain. One of the prostate enlargement benign. Benign prostate enlargement is a condition of growth of the prostate gland excessive. There are two main factors that affect the cause of this disorder, namely increasing age and functioning leydig cells in the testicles for producing androgens, namely testosterone.

The change of testosterone into dehidrostestosteron (DHT) in the prostate cell is a factor trigger the influx of DHT into the nucleus of cells of the prostate that can cause the inscription on the RNA, resulting in the formation of a protein that causes cells of the prostate multiply.

Symptoms are often shown is the luminous piss weak, urine not smoothly, urinary disjointed, when it started pissing a long time, frequent urination, urine must hurry, bedwetting or pee trickling, pee in the night more than two times.

2. Inflammation of the prostate

Inflammation of the prostate is one prostate disorders need to watch out for. Inflammation of the prostate which is called prostatitis is caused by bacterial infection so as to make the prostate becomes inflamed and swells. That's when I felt very sick.

Inflammation of the prostate most common in men who are repeatedly subjected to inflammation of the urinary tract. The bacteria cause inflammation of these include the bacteria Escherichia coli, the bacteria Klebsiella, Enterobakteri, Pseudomonas, Streptokokkus, and Stafilokokkus.

Symptoms that often arise when exposed to inflammation of the prostate is pain during ejaculation, during sexual intercourse, the presence of blood in the sperm, and sexual function decline. Inflammation of the prostate is a disease that can cause disorder of sexual life for married couples if not treated immediately.

3. Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is a cancer that attacks the prostate gland, so that the cells grow abnormally and uncontrolled. Prostate cancer is divided into two major categories, namely cancer that is still confined within the organ prostate (cancer early) and that has spread out of the prostate, either to the neighbouring organs or metastasis (spread) distant (cancer).

Prostate cancer is rarely attack men under 45 years unless there is among the family You so. The disease is usually curable when detected in the early stages.

The problem that often arises is this cancer often grows silently in the prostate gland without any symptoms until after spread to the bone and surrounding tissue. That's why it's important for men 50 years of age to undergo the test digital rectal that allows doctors found a lump or enlargement of the prostate, and prostate-specific antigen blood test, a blood test to detect a type of protein that comes out of the prostate if there is a tumor.

 Prostate Cancer Symptoms Cause and Treatment
 Prevention of Prostate Disease in Men

Prevent diseases of the prostate can be done by avoiding the causes of prostate and lead a healthy lifestyle. Apply the ways that You can do everyday at home:

1. Living a healthy lifestyle

The most simple way is to eat fruits that contain antioxidants that are important for the prostate, such as tomatoes, avocados, and nuts. Unhealthy lifestyle will trigger the appearance of the cause of the prostate which is not desirable.

2. Inadequate needs essential fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids, and the mineral zinc can reduce symptoms of prostate disorders. Foods that are rich in catechins especially epigalokatekin error (epigallocatechinsgallate), selenium, sulforafan, and vitamin C encourage the ability of the immune system and eliminate toxins the originator of the cancer (carcinogenic).

Not only that, these substances also increase the formation of enzymes penumpas tumor cells and cancer, including prostate cancer.

3. Frequently consume vegetables cabbage

Some of the results of the study mentioned, often men who consume vegetable cabbage suddenly a spring can reduce the risk of prostate disorders.

4. Check with your health prostate regularly to the doctor

This is to anticipate the emergence of disorders of the prostate. If found a problem, can immediately acquire handling.

Treating Diseases Of The Prostate

After learning the causes of prostate disease, You need to find an alternative treatment of the prostate. Maybe You're curious, in addition to medical drugs, is there any herbal medicine that can cure prostate disorders?

Good news for anyone that is experiencing prostate disorders, there is one alternative herbal medicine that You can use to deal with the causes of prostate pain.

Black cumin or black seed acts as apoptosis (turn off cancer cells), antiproliferation and antiangiogenesis (the formation of cells of new blood vessels), so that it can cope with prostate disorders especially can cure prostate cancer. As long as consume regularly and always keep a healthy lifestyle (including healthy eating), prostate disorders may disappear by themselves.

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