Stroke Causes and Symptoms of a Mild Stroke That Should Be Avoided

Stroke Causes and Symptoms of a Mild Stroke, Stroke disease is one disease that must be watched by every person. Generally, the disease strokes serious begins with symptoms of a mild stroke. Light Stroke occurs when the blood supply to an area of the brain is cut off.

Almost 70% cases of stroke due to bleeding in people with high blood pressure. As described above, if a stroke can strike people who have diabetes mellitus, and cholesterol levels high, therefore it is necessary to include your diet to control blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Foods that have saturated fat content and high salt should be avoided because it includes the food cause of the stroke. These foods can make the accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries, diabetes, obesity, and high blood.

High levels of salt can lead to fluid being retained in the blood vessels. It can make your blood pressure higher. Therefore, to ward off or control high blood pressure, need to eat food low in salt. A good rule for eating kitchen salt (containing iodine) is as much as 6 grams or one teaspoon per day. 

Causes Stroke and Symptoms of a Mild Stroke That Should Be Avoided

So as a result cause temporary paralysis and partly on the body affected area. Want to know the symptoms and cause of a mild stroke more? You can look at some explanations here.

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Causes a person can be exposed to mild stroke

The causes generally depend on the area of the brain that are affected by the loss of blood supply and can include changes in sensation or motor control of the body. Disease neurological dysfunction is also caused by temporary loss of blood flow to the brain, spinal cord, or retina in the eye.

Severe whether or not the conditions of mild stroke, depending on how much tissue the brain loses blood supply. For example, someone who has a mild stroke may experience temporary weakness in the hands or feet, but they with a stroke that is heavy can permanently paralyzed on one side of their body or can not speak. If the blood supply is not quickly restored, then it will be a paralysis or stroke permanent.

Here are some other things that become the cause of the stroke:
  • The health of the cardiovascular system of the body is problematic, for example diabetes, heart problems and cholesterol levels in the body high can also cause a stroke.

  • Overweight or obesity often becomes one of the causes of stroke to watch out for. Why is that? Fatty plaque the fat people, can stick in the blood vessels, then will arise the blockage of blood flow to the brain, and it came to pass stroke which is dangerous for the body.

  • Lifestyle factors also play an important role, what You can have a stroke or not. A mild Stroke can be triggered from habits that lead to obesity such as, smoking, eating fatty foods and high karbohdirat, as well as likes to consume alcohol.
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The symptoms of stroke to watch out for

Actually, the symptoms of stroke in a person is different, depending on the condition of each patient. If indeed the condition of the body can still receive the pain due to symptoms of a stroke, then early treatment can save the patient.

Causes Stroke and Symptoms of a Mild Stroke That Should Be Avoided

However, when the patient's condition is indeed bad, no doubt will lead to severe stroke and even death. Here are some symptoms of a mild stroke to watch out for:
  • Hands, feet, or nerves in the body that can be driven (the cheeks and mouth for example), begin to experience numb, sometimes numb to limp helpless.

  • As alluded to on the cause of the stroke above, the blood flow will be impeded on the goal eyes. Then, there will be impaired vision due to obstruction of blood flow to the eye.

  • Lack of concentration and focus of the mind is reduced.

  • Hard talking, the nerves of the tongue will be reduced of his motor functions as a result of blood does not run well on the part of the mouth and tongue.

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