Symptoms Of Cancer Of Cervix That Should Be Known

Symptoms Of Cancer Of Cervix , cervical cancer is cancer that grows in cells in the cervix. Generally, cervical cancer shows no symptoms in the early stages. New symptoms appear when the cancer has begun to spread. In many cases, cervical cancer is associated with sexually transmitted infections.

The cervix is the lower part of the uterus connected to the vagina. One of the functions of the cervix is producing mucus or the mucus.

The mucus helps to channel sperm from the vagina into the uterus during intercourse. In addition, the cervix will also be shut during pregnancy to keep the fetus remains in the uterus, and will dilate or open during the process of childbirth takes place.

Causes of cancer of the cervix or cervical cancer is the HPV virus (human papilloma virus). There are about 100 types of the HPV virus and 13 of which could be the cause of cervical cancer.

Symptoms Of Cancer Of Cervix That Should Be Known

What causes cervical cancer other that should be known?
Check out the full review below about the causes, symptoms of cervical cancer, and how to prevent it

What is cervix cancer ?

Cervical cancer is cancer that occurs when there are cells in the neck of the uterus or of the cervix become abnormal and continue to grow with no control. Abnormal cells that can develop quickly resulting in a tumor on the cervix. Malignant tumors will grow so the cause of cervical cancer.

This cancer attacks the cervix or the neck of the uterus. The neck of the uterus alone is the organ that is shaped like a tube that is elongated, the function linking the vagina with the uterus.

This cancer is one of the types of cancer that occur most commonly on women around the world. However, to find out the presence of symptoms of cervical cancer, doing pap smear tests routine and early prevention with a vaccine. Both of them can help you find and prevent cervical cancer early.

The Virus that causes cervical cancer

In 2012, the WHO states that there are more than 270 thousand cases of death in the population of women due to cancer. While the number of new cases of cervical cancer amounted to almost 445 thousand in 2012.

Cervical cancer is a cancer that appears on the neck of the uterus of the woman. The neck of the uterus itself serves as the entrance to the uterus from the vagina. All women of different ages at risk of developing cervical cancer.

But the disease is likely to experienced by women who are sexually active, including young women in their 20s who are sexually active, even though this virus can also spread through skin to skin contact.

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The study found that even 99.7 percent of cervical cancer caused by HPV. HPV is a group of viruses, in which there are more than 100 types of HPV.

The HPV Virus is generally spread through sexual intercourse, where there is direct contact between the skin of the genitals, mucous membranes, or the exchange of body fluids, and through oral sex. After starting the sexual intercourse, there are an estimated 33 percent of women are susceptible to be infected by HPV.

Cervix cancer symptoms

Many women are unaware or even dismissive of the signs that they are experiencing what their vagina. In fact, such a sign can be a characteristic of cervical cancer to watch out for. Then, what are the symptoms of cervical cancer the initial stage to watch out for women?

1. Out blood spots in the vagina

Symptoms of cervical cancer can start You suspect when suddenly out of the blood or blood spotting from the vagina, when You are not in a period of menstruation. You should not worry, because it is an early symptom of cervical cancer. Usually, bleeding spots this happens after You have sex. Or it could be blood that comes out during menstruation, the amount is much more than usual.

Both those things can be traits of cervical cancer in the early stages. Although the discharge of blood from the vagina can be caused by various things, so it's good if You immediately consult Your condition to the doctor.

2. Pelvic pain

Do You feel pain or pain in the pelvic area? If yes, do not underestimate the pain. This can be one of the traits of cancer of the cervix which must be observed if You start to feel it.

The reason is, pain that appears in the pelvic area when entering the period of menstruation. But, if You feel it when doing sex relationship with a partner, then the pelvic pain that You feel is not normal and could be symptoms of cervical cancer early stage.

When one of the signs or traits of cancers of the cervix is often the case, you should immediately consult Your. You can also reduce the pain by taking pain-killers like ibuprofen.

3. Vaginal discharge that is not normal

In fact, vaginal discharge is a normal thing and certainly produced the vagina in every woman, except when experiencing a particular health condition. However, there are times when vaginal discharge that issued the vagina that is not normal and indicates a symptom of cervical cancer or other health problems.

For example, if the fluid is whitish issued miss V pungent and different than usual, then this indicates that You may be experiencing a health disorder. But, don't be afraid of it, because the abnormal vaginal discharge can be caused by many things or as .

4. Defecates are often irregular

Change of schedule of bowel movements that are irregular, can be a symptom of a disease, including the symptoms of cancer of the cervix. Note, if You lately became a difficult defecate. Because, this condition may signify if You encounter cervical cancer.

When the mass on the cervical cancer has already grown large enough, the cancerous lump can hit Your gut and make You difficult defecate. But, don't be too anxious if You experience it, the cause of this health disorder can be caused by other health conditions, not only the traits of cancer of the cervix.

It could be You less eat or drink that contain fiber. Consult with your doctor about the problem defecate which is not smooth.

5. The body is so easily tired

Easily tired and exhausted, is a characteristic of health that are common in people who experience chronic disease. Symptoms cervical cancer is often characterized by fatigue.

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This fatigue occurs due to cancer cells that start to grow little by little take energy and food reserves of Your body. Not infrequently this will make You lack of food and eventually get tired quickly.

Symptoms Of Cancer Of Cervix That Should Be Known

Risk factors of cancer of cervix

There are several risk factors cause of cervical cancer, and most of it is unhealthy lifestyle. Things that could be the cause of cervical cancer, among others:
  • Sexual activity too early can cause a person susceptible to the symptoms of cancer of the cervix and the risk of infected with HPV. This is because in the structure of the organs of the cervix more prone to HPV infection. Most teenagers today are still rarely vaccinated against HPV.

  • Multiple sexual partners can also be one of the scourge of the cause of cervical cancer. Have many sexual partners will increase the risk of HPV.

  • Smoking is also often associated with an increased risk of developing symptoms of cervical cancer, especially types of cervical cancer squamous cell.

  • A weakened immune system is easier for the HPV virus to develop into a cause of cervical cancer. This condition is more prone to occur if You have a weak immune system due to another health condition. For example, in people with HIV/ AIDS.

  • If You've had the disease for other sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV/AIDS, You can be at risk of developing cervical cancer.

  • Taking birth control pills long-term. A number of studies have shown that taking oral contraceptives (birth control pills) in a long time, ie more than about five years, can increase the risk of presence of the traits of cancer of the cervix. Talk with Your gynecologist to use the contraceptives safely.

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