What is the signs of diabetes in men ? Here're 7 the major symptoms

What is the signs of diabetes in men ? In general Diabetes Mellitus (DM) occurs due to the lifestyle of one particularly which leads to the accumulation of accumulated sugar levels in the blood and are above the normal threshold level that are chronic and long-term.

In normal conditions, glucose is the main energy source for cells in the body forming muscle tissue, including the brain, but if the excess can be dangerous because it triggers the disease blood sugar/diabetes.

Because the symptoms are similar to a diseased condition of the ordinary, then a lot of people are not aware that they have diabetes and even lead to complications. To ensure that a person is suffering from diabetes or not it is necessary to diagnosis the doctor through a blood check.

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What is the signs and symptoms of diabetes in men ? Here're 7 the major symptoms and signs

Signs and symptoms of diabetes in men

Actually there is no significant difference between symptoms of diabetes in women or men. There are seven symptoms of diabetes that appears only on special man. The following is an explanation of each these symptoms :

1. Thirst and excessive urination

In general, patients with diabetes urination excessive because the levels of sugar in the blood the excess amount. Because of excess, then the body is stimulated to excrete excess sugar levels through the kidneys with urine. Typically sufferers of diabetes urination excessive this happens at night especially during sleep the night, thereby reducing sleep quality.

While the symptoms of excessive thirst is the impact of the body too much out of the urine. But actually this is the effort of the body to avoid lack of fluids (dehydration). During the sugar levels in blood is not controlled well, then will arise the desire to constantly drink. On the contrary with drinking a lot will lead to the desire to urinate.

2. Weight loss unusual

Without realizing it diabetes patients will experience weight loss without known cause. In diabetics, weight loss due to dispose of most of the sugar in the blood to the renal system via urine. Whereas sugar in the blood is the result of digestion on the food in the stomach. As a result regardless of the amount of food eaten will be wasted during the insulin is not able to distribute the sugar as a source of energy for the body.

3. Blurred vision

Disorders blurred vision is often called a cataract and is usually experienced by patients with diabetes who are already old. Cataracts can arise because of the sugar forms a layer that covers the lens of the eye. It is this that causes the lens of the eye becomes opaque and thus inhibit the entry of light into the eye nerves and consequently impair vision. This disorder can be overcome with how to do eye operation through replace lens damaged eye with an artificial lens.

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4. Increased appetite

In general, diabetics have a big appetite, but weight does not rise. The increased appetite triggered by the decreasing reserves of sugar in the body even though the levels of sugar in the blood is high, so that make the body feel weak like lack of energy and eventually the desire to eat. Whereas if checked, the content of sugar in the blood is high enough.

5. Erectile dysfunction

In the long term, patients with diabetes men can also experience the risk of erectile dysfunction, that is when You can't get an erection optimally. In acute conditions, can cause impotence. Erectile dysfunction is caused due to the occurrence of nerve cell damage due to diabetes. Diabetes can lead to disruption of the system of blood flow around the nerve cells such as the kidneys and the genitals. If not treated immediately, it can interfere with relationship harmony of the household.

What is the signs and symptoms of diabetes in men ? Here're 7 the major symptoms and signs

6. Healing of wounds becomes slower

If injuries occur, it is often the healing of the wound is very long. It is caused due to reduced blood supply due to narrowing of the blood vessels. For prevention, it is recommended that diabetics always keep and take care of her skin although no injuries occur.

7. Nerve damage

People with diabetes also experience nerve damage, because diabetes can damage the nervous system. Damage to the nervous system result in disruption of the system of blood flow around the nerve cells as well as on the eyes and the kidneys. Nerve cell damage due to diabetes also called neuropathy. There are three types of nerves that is damaged by diabetes, the damage to the nerves motor, sensory and autonomic.

In addition to the symptoms of diabetes in men above, there are also some symptoms that can be observed in the individual such as fatigue, dry mouth and headache. This is caused because the body lacks oxygen to burn sugar into energy. The reduced amount of oxygen in the blood caused by a buildup of sugar in the blood vessels so that the flow is slowed down. In the end the heart will work harder (palpitations), headache, dry mouth and feeling tired easily.

Basically the symptoms of diabetes in men over can be prevented with a healthy diet, reducing sweet foods, avoid smoking and alcohol as well as exercising. Then if You are overweight, get on a diet with reduced calorie foods, fatty and sweet. So You will be spared from the risk of developing diabetes.

If you feel You or Your friends have any of these symptoms then it is best to have it checked by a doctor. By consulting to doctor, the disease of diabetes that You are suffering from can be immediately handled and will not get worse.

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