What's The Difference Between Symptoms Of HIV and HPV ?

The difference of Symptoms of HIV and HPV separate good from types to the effects. HIV and HPV is a contagious virus that infects one human to another human through the different ways of transmission. There are a number of differences between the two that can be described in depth.

Both viruses are equally threatening the community, both developed and developing countries, whenever and wherever. 

A number of studies done in order to cope with outbreaks of this virus. In addition, socialization is also done so that people don't mistakenly will be the difference of HIV and HPV.

What's The Difference Between Symptoms Of HIV and HPV

Significant difference HIV and HPV

When HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus infects a person's body, he destroy the system of white blood cells (CD4 T cells) which play a key role in the fight against disease and infection.

Reduction of CD4 T cells is able to weaken the immune system and if not handled well, then he will make way for a number of diseases and infections to attack and mutate so is the danger. This is a sign that HIV has progressed into AIDS.

Until recently, there has been no cure for HIV although medical technology has been increased during the last three decades. At least, the treatment current can minimize the virus in the patient's body for the sake of enjoying a long life.

HIV is spread when body fluid specific come in contact with mucous membranes (such as that found in the rectum, vagina, penis and mouth), damaged tissue in the body, or when injected into the bloodstream with a needle or syringe.

Semen, blood and breast MILK, as well as fluid preseminal, vaginal and rectal, may contain virus. Unprotected sexual intercourse and sharing of needles in the middle of the use of certain drugs, is one of the most common way to transmit HIV.

How about the Human Papillomavirus aka HPV? Yes, this is a general term for more than 150 viruses, some of which can cause cancer of the mouth, throat, and a number of other health problems in men and women. While men may develop cancer of the penis, women can get cancer of the cervix, vagina or vulva HPV.

HPV is spread during vaginal sex or anal sex and so common, so most people will have it at some time in their lives. Supposedly today, almost 80 million people in the United States have a history of such.

In general, HPV does not cause signs or symptoms and fades away by itself without causing any health problems. To suppress the spread of the virus which could potentially lead to cancer, then vaccination campaign for school-age children. This campaign has been launched in a number of countries.
What's The Difference Between Symptoms Of HIV and HPV
How to overcome HIV and HPV

How to overcome HIV and HPV depends, considering both of these conditions are different. Although there is no medication to eliminate the infection of the HIV virus, but treatment with ANTIRETROVIRALS are able to suppress the amount of HIV virus to not too cause symptoms significant.

“So, someone who is taking ANTIRETROVIRAL drugs regularly quite possible to live like a normal person. Herbal treatment for HIV is not recommended because it is not proven, but instead raises a number of severe complications that are life threatening,” said dr. Resthie Rachmanta of KlikDokter.

While for HPV, according to dr. Rio Aditya, this virus can be cured when detected early. Even to prevent it, someone can do a HPV vaccine that can ward off the virus later in the day.

“The doctor must know the type of HPV infection what You are experiencing. Do occur in the genitals, cervix, skin, or other shapes. by knowing this, the treatment will be adjusted,” he said.

HIV and HPV have a difference that is very significant. In order to prevent the spread of, do healthy lifestyle such as avoiding drugs, have sex using protection, consumption of nutritious foods, to exercise regularly.

The relationship between HPV and HIV

HPV is the human papilloma virus, where the virus can cause a variety of complaints such as warts, genital warts, and cervix cancer (cervical cancer). HPV can infect the patient even if the patient is not infected with HIV, but in HIV patients, the risk for HPV is great. HIV has a 3-stage, where at the third stage (about 8-10 years after HIV infection), the patient's body will deficiency of the immune system which is very large, so people really easy to be infected, including HPV infection.

However, in these patients HPV infection that occurs is in the form of warts or genital warts. Cervical cancer caused by HPV is usually not affected with HIV. Therefore, the HIV would increase the risk of getting in your way of HPV infection, but not all patients infected with HPV indicates these patients had HIV.

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