10 Bipolar disorder symptoms that should be know !

Bipolar disorder symptoms, bipolar is a condition of the person experiencing the mood swings are volatile and drastically, for example, suddenly become very happy than the previous moody and bipolar depression. Another name for bipolar disorder is manic-depressive.

There are two episodes in bipolar disorder, namely mania (phase rise) and depression (phase down). In periods of mania, sufferers become look very excited, energetic, and quick talk. While in the period of depression, the sufferer will look sad, lethargic, and lost interest in daily activities.

Based on the rotation of a mood episode, there are some patients with bipolar disorder who are experiencing a normal state in between the mania and depression. There are also experience a quick turnaround from mania to depression or vice versa in the absence of the normal period (rapid cycling).In addition, there are also patients with bipolar disorder who experience mania and depression simultaneously.

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Bipolar disorder symptoms

For example, when patients feel very berenerjik, but at the same time also feel very sad and desperate. This symptom is called with a period of mixture (mixed state).

Causes of bipolar disorder

Up to now, experts don't yet know what causes bipolar disorder. Some argue that this condition is caused by an imbalance of neurotransmitters or substances controllers of brain function. In addition, there is also the opinion that bipolar disorder is related to genetic factors (heredity).

Some of the factors that allegedly could increase the risk of someone affected by bipolar disorder is experiencing high levels of stress, traumatic experiences, addiction to alcoholic beverages or illicit drugs, and have a history of close family (siblings or parents) who suffer from bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder symptoms

The Following 10 Symptoms People Affected By Bipolar Disorder :

1. Has a Very Good Mood

As described above, people with bipolar will experience episodes of mania (mood high) and depression (mood low). When entering episodes of mania, she had a phase of hypomania or feel happy very excessive.

Vice versa, when feeling angry or sad, people with bipolar disorder will express anger or sadness with very excessive

2. Difficult To Complete A Job

Mood swings will affect his mind, as well as with his work. A person with bipolar disorder would be easy to lose focus in doing something.

If there is a ‘disturbing’ in the sense of commenting on and providing a critique of his work, people with bipolar will be easy to feel down and stop such work, instead of looking for solutions over the criticism given.

3. Have an Idea that Very Much

Have a lot of ideas is good for business or work, as long as we can manage and implement it appropriately. But in the phase of mania, people with bipolar can't control their mind wandering.

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4. Depression

Depression people with bipolar the same as that experienced by a normal human.

5. Easily Hurt

Be careful with the term bring a feeling or abortion. A person with bipolar easy abortion and easy to feel hurt. It is not good as well as bad influence on their relationships with other people.

6. Too Much Talk

Chatty is one of the habits of the reasonable man, could be due to congenital or indeed fond of talking.

So what's the difference with cerewetnya people with bipolar? They will stop the conversation, if his interlocutor talkative, people with bipolar will talk more chatty again.

7. Is Problematic With The Work

Of some of the points described earlier, people who have bipolar will be very difficult to adjust to the work environment. Starting from the easily hurt the liver, and always dominates the conversation.

It could be that people his colleagues could not accept the situation as a with bipolar disorder.

Worse, he could lose his job because it is difficult to focus, not productive, and so could he fight when criticized by his superiors.

8. Alcohol Dependence

As much as 50% of people with bipolar experience a dependence on alcohol and drugs.

9. Behaves Not Consistent

People with bipolar have the confidence level high on the phases of mania and minder during a phase of depression.

10. Have A Problem With Bed Time

When depression people with bipolar spend a lot of time to sleep. However on the phase of mania they will sleep a little more time, so the time his sleep is irregular.

If You or the people closest to You show the above symptoms, then make haste to meet the psychiatrist and psychologist to get an evaluation of comprehensive medical. You do not diagnose yourself or self-diagnosed.

See a professional help is the only way, because unlike physical illness, mental illness has the background and therefore appear complicated and different for each person.

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