Be wary of freckles, it could be symptoms of serious skin diseases

Freckles symptoms of serious skin diseases, Freckles are spots or blotches on the skin of the face. In general these spots are darker than the surrounding skin. If the first is considered an imperfection, but now the freckles draw attention to the world of beauty. Those who have freckles are considered to have a special attraction, make the face look sweet, edgy, and younger.

Various articles and video tutorials also seliweran about how to make freckles (through the makeup) on the face. However, the question is, whether the presence of freckles on the face indicates the presence of health problems?

Freckles are formed due to overproduction of melanin by the melanocytes, due to direct exposure to ultraviolet rays (UV). These spots can appear on areas of the face or body, but most often appear on the cheeks, nose, arms, and shoulders top.

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Freckles symptoms of serious skin diseases

Freckles are also genetic. If one of Your parents have freckles, then most likely You will also experience it. People with white skin and red hair have a tendency to easily sunburnt, so that the complaints of freckles is commonly experienced. This condition can also be inherited genetically. According to experts, the MC1R gene can set the color of the hair, skin, and a tendency to freckles to appear.

There are two types of freckles, namely, ephelides and lentigines. Ephelides is light brown and flat, and usually appear during the summer or during the change of seasons. This type is more frequently encountered in those who are light-skinned and are genetically inherited. While freckles type lentigines are larger in size and found on areas of the body that are exposed to sunlight continuously.

In general, freckles are not dangerous. Only its presence can interfere with the appearance of so many people who intend to eliminate it. Cosmetic procedures to be the most effective and in demand, such as cryosurgery, laser therapy, intense pulsed light therapy (IPL) or chemical peels.

Although freckles are not harmful, You should still be vigilant. The same as skin cancer, bercaknya can appear on the skin that is often exposed to the sun. Therefore, if You have a spot of dark on the skin, including freckles, you should make sure the condition to the doctor or skin specialist.

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Freckles symptoms of serious skin diseases

To prevent the appearance of spots on the face which is inclined to the direction of skin cancer, follow these steps:
  • Use sunscreen or sunblock that contains SPF 50.
  • Use protective headgear such as hats (especially the hats with a wide diameter such as a beach hat) or an umbrella.
  • If possible, use clothes that cover the skin when exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight in the hours 10 am to 4 pm.
  • Cool off in the room or find a place that is shady when under the sun.

Freckles indeed can not develop into skin cancer. However, spotting on the freckles and lesions of early skin cancer are very similar, so it must remain wary of. Give protection against skin by doing the tips above, as well as support the health of the skin from within by eating a balanced nutritious diet. If You suspect there are certain conditions in the skin, immediately consult to the doctor.

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