Beware 7 symptoms and signs of kidney infection

Symptoms and signs of kidney infection, Many people ignore the symptoms of kidney disease or kidney with stones, because it is most consider the symptoms of kidney pain infection is not a serious problem. In fact, the kidney is one of the organs of the vital body which serves to filter out impurities and toxins carried by the blood.

Well, dirt and toxins will be discharged along with the urine. Then what are the symptoms contained in the organs of the diseased kidneys? What is the danger if the kidney pain left?

Kidney pain symptoms and signs usually occurs due to the presence of dirt and buildup of excess fluid in the body. This can lead to the body easily tired, shortness of breath, hard to focus, and even the presence of swelling in certain body parts, such as under the eyes and legs.

The inability of the kidneys to dispose of toxins taken from the blood, can trigger the heart rhythm is so abnormal and even cause sudden death. Unfortunately, detection of early symptoms kidney pain is not much felt, but if ignored will lead to greater danger.

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symptom and signs of kidney infection

On the stage of the kidney acute, kidney function will gradually start to disappear, and will have a major impact for Your daily activities. Because the number of kidneys in the body there are two, if there is one kidney that does not function, the function body will be lame. But, You can still live with one kidney or with a transplant (donor) kidney and dialysis when both are not functioning.

Signs and symptoms kidney pain infection

Some of the traits and symptoms of kidney disease which You should be aware of, including:

1. Changes in the urine

Symptoms of kidney pain earliest that will be is often felt by the patient is a color change in the urine. In addition, there will be an increase or decrease levels of urine issued, usually at night. Frequency of urination You may also be rare or even more often.

Not infrequently also the color of the urine becomes more cloudy than usual, and sometimes accompanied by pain. Even if You are suffering from acute kidney failure, there is a possibility of water pissing out with blood spots. In some cases, the urine foaming can also be symptoms of kidney pain,

2. The body is so easily tired

Healthy kidneys produce the hormone erythropoietin which functions to improve the formation of red blood cells in the body. When the kidneys are damaged, the production of the hormone erythropoietin can be decreased. As a result, the production of red blood cells that carry oxygen also decreases. This makes the body so easily tired.

3. Some body parts will swell

When the kidneys are damaged, the filter function of the kidneys decrease, so that a lot of protein is wasted into the urine. The lack of urine in the blood can cause swelling.

Usually the hands, feet, and face swelling. People with kidney problems also commonly experience swelling in the eyes (puffy eyes).

4. Arise itching

As described earlier, the disruption of the kidney make dirt the metabolic waste accumulates, resulting in some parts of the body experiencing swelling.

The buildup of these impurities was also a bad influence on the skin, which cause itching, rash, redness, and dry skin. If the itching continues to scratch can arise cuts or mild bleeding. Unfortunately, itching due to symptoms of kidney pain is often overlooked.

Although the skin creams and ointments can help reduce the symptoms of kidney pain that arises on the skin, but this did not cure the problem on Your kidneys.

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symptom and signs of kidney infection

5. Appear nausea and want to vomit

Kidney pain is acute, or if it is until the stage of kidney failure, often referred to as the silent killer. So called, it is because the symptoms, such as nausea and vomiting. A lot of minor ailments whose symptoms shown with nausea and vomiting, for example heartburn.

However in the case of kidney disease symptoms of nausea and vomiting caused karen buildup of waste in the blood that are not successfully issued. This can lead to the disruption of a sense of vomiting in the body, so it came to pass nausea and vomiting.

6. Shortness of breath

Not proper functioning of the kidneys make the liquid goes into the lungs through the blood. This causes the body to not get the insufficient oxygen supply in the body, especially the lungs. The lack of oxygen in the blood makes Your body difficult to function optimally, causing a breath to be panting and hunting.

7. Lumbago

For those who like pain in the waist, either right or left, You should be alert. The symptoms of this pain can be caused by kidney stones. Sometimes, symptoms of presence of kidney stones is not too visible, but most likely the sufferer will feel pain in the waist due to a strangulated kidney stones in the ureter.

8. Lack of concentration and dizziness

When Your kidneys can not work properly, oxygen will be difficult supplied to the whole body, especially to the brain. The lack of oxygen supply to the brain trigger the onset of dizziness, lack of concentration, a weak memory, and a head that feels dizziness.

The signs and symptoms of kidney pain are not specific. Because the symptoms of kidney pain is often caused due to other diseases. In addition, in many cases the signs and symptoms of kidney disease may not appear until severe damage has occurred.

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