Don't ignore 6 major symptoms of vaginal yeast infection

Symptoms of vaginal yeast infection, 75 percent of women can experience vaginal yeast infection at least one time in his life. This means that You can be at risk of developing vaginal yeast infections, or are not even aware that You are experiencing it.

Try to notice, do You experience any of the symptoms or vaginal yeast infection the following?

A sensation of discomfort and vaginal itching are symptoms of vaginal yeast infection the most common. However, it is usually accompanied by other symptoms which include :

1. Vaginal discharge and Whitish clot

Vaginal discharge is a normal thing experienced by all women, especially before menstruation. But be careful, abnormal vaginal discharge can be a symptom of a vaginal yeast infection, you know!

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symptoms of vaginal yeast infection

Pari Ghodsi, M. D., an obstetrician and the expert on women's health in Los Angeles, revealed that vaginal discharge due to vaginal yeast infections tend to be shaped chunks (clot) aqueous resembles cottage cheese, yellowish or greenish, and removing the odor.

2. Vagina itching

Some women sometimes experience vaginal itching due to various causes, one due to fungal infection of the vagina. The difference, itching in the sex organs You will feel very annoying and makes You not stand want to scratch it.

However, segatal anything in Your vagina, don't scratch it. This will only more irritate the lining of the vagina soft.

3. Pain during urination

Don't underestimate the time You feel pain when urinating. In addition to being a sign of a fungal infection of the vagina, this can also be a signal of urinary tract infections to venereal disease.

4. The lips of the vagina reddish and swollen caused vaginal bacteria

Try to take a small glass and point it at Your vagina. Note, whether the lips of the vagina and vulva look red or swollen? If yes, it could be You have a yeast infection of the vagina.

5. Lower abdomen pain

Women can experience abdominal cramps at the bottom when exposed to vaginal yeast infection. These symptoms of abdominal cramping ahead of menstruation. The difference, of abdominal pain this happens constantly and never disappear even though You've tried the rest.

6. Pain during intercourse

Not only interfere with the health, vaginal yeast infections also make Your sexual relationship not so comfortable. The reason is, the vagina will feel hot, causing pain during intercours.

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