Genital diseases in men and women the most dangerous

Genital diseases are infections that are obtained from penetration sex without a condom (oral, vaginal, or anal), or even by alternating the use of sex toys. Men and women are equally at risk for infection with Genital disease.

The signs and symptoms of Genital disease is not always evident that usual at the start with genital warts and genital herpes. However, the symptoms can appear more severe in women than men. If a woman is exposed to genital diseases and past pregnant, the impact can cause serious health problems for the baby.

When You feel that the possibility of Your symptoms lead to a sexually transmitted disease, you should immediately visit the doctor.

There are many types of Genital diseases that can be experienced by both men and women. Especially if You are negligent in maintaining cleanliness of sex organs or sex swingers plus without the safety of an increasingly trigger the transmission of Genital disease.

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Genital diseases men and women the most dangerous

From all kinds of Genital diseases that there are, in fact, there are some Genital diseases the most dangerous of which have a risk of the most high, difficult to cure, up to death.

Various diseases of the genital most dangerous should be particularly aware of are:


HIV disease is no longer if there as a Genital disease most dangerous the first rank. Because, until now, the HIV virus still has not found a cure, cannot be cured, damage the immune system of the sufferer, until it reaches the stage of AIDS, to culminate in death.

Actually, the HIV virus itself is not deadly. It's just, the immune system continues to decline causing the sufferer very susceptible to infections and other diseases. More and more disease experienced, the higher the risk of death.

Until recently, there has been no drug that is able to cure the disease of HIV/AIDS in total. Treatment of HIV/AIDS only serves to support the immune system of the sufferer, not to heal.

2. Syphilis

Syphilis belongs to one of the Genital diseases the most dangerous that are transmitted through sexual contact. This is because the symptoms of syphilis are very difficult to detect, even can appear suddenly in a condition that is already severe aka complications. As a result, this condition can membongkar castrated the soul of the sufferer.

Syphilis is dubbed as the "great imitator", because its symptoms tend to be vague and similar to other sex disease. On awalnya, people affected by syphilis will experience bumps on the genitals or mouth. The body begins to arise rashes but not itchy, usually appearing on the palms of the hands, feet, and other body parts.

The symptoms may be lost at certain times, but this is precisely You should be aware of. Because, this could be a sign of a syphilis infection that began to develop complications and damage other body functions. The impact of fatal, syphilis can cause heart disease, blindness, mental problems and nervous disorders, to death.

3. Hepatitis B and hepatitis C

Hepatitis B and hepatitis C is considered one of the Genital diseases the most dangerous. The second type of hepatitis is transmitted through sexual intercourse and can cause inflammation in the liver. In severe cases, Genital disease is the most dangerous number three this can develop into liver cancer to cause death.

Early symptoms of hepatisis B and hepatitis C include tomi, vomiting, fever, and changes in the color of urine becomes darker. Even though it looks mild, the symptoms of hepatitis is actually secretly can develop into chronic and high risk of death.

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Genital diseases men and women the most dangerous

4. Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea aka pee ob is one of the sexually transmitted diseases that can occur in men and women, up to baby though. Genital disease can be transmitted during sexual intercourse either through vaginal penetration, anal sex, and oral sex.

Symptoms of gonorrhea are sometimes not too clear so many people are not aware that he had suffered from this disease. In men, symptoms of gonorrhea in the form of heat sensation during urination, white discharge or yellow discharge from the penis, and pain in the buah zakar. While in women, the symptoms tend to be vague or only a mild pain when urinating.

The impact of fatal, gonorrhea is not cured immediately can membongkar neutered lives. Not only that, the patients affected by this disease will also be more susceptible to HIV/AIDS.

5. Chlamydia

Chlamydia is one of the Genital diseases the most dangerous You need to be aware of. Because, chlamydia is an infection that is spread most widely and can lead to serious complications if not treated immediately.

The person doing the sexual intercourse without a condom would be very easy to catch chlamydia, either by penetration of the vagina, the child's sex, and oral sex. Than in men, symptoms of chlamydia can be more easily found in women.

Symptoms of chlamydia the most main is the appearance of vaginal discharge accompanied with vaginal pain when You urinate. When You start to feel symptoms, immediately consult a doctor. Because if not, chlamydia can damage the health of Your reproductive system, lowering fertility, and cause You harder to have children.

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