Leukemia causes and symptoms most people don't know

The causes and symptoms of Leukemia in general is actually not known for sure. There are several factors that become the cause of childhood Leukemia, ranging from chromosomal abnormalities, exposure to pollution, exposure to radiation, smoking, obesity, and so forth.

In other words, the cause of Leukemia can be derived from the external and internal factors of the body. Factors the cause of Leukemia is external is including exposure to radiation, pollution, certain chemical substances which are dangerous.

Leukemia is a cancer that attacks blood cells and bone marrow, or also known as blood cancer. Leukemia affects the production and function of leukocytes or white blood cells in fighting infections, because the DNA of the blood damage.

Abnormal conditions were causing the bone marrow to produce white blood cells in excess. This resulted in a buildup in the bone marrow and reduce the number of healthy blood cells.

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Leukemia causes and symptoms that is rarely known to most people

Leukemia causes most people don't know

1. Radiation exposure

A study found that radiation in low amounts can still increase one's risk of developing leukemia. That is why women who are pregnant it is not recommended to do x-rays or examination of the x-ray. this is to keep the risk the baby is exposed to leukemia can be suppressed.

2. The chemical element Radon

You should also be wary with Radon. Chemical element with radioactive properties which are intangible gas is colorless and odorless, it is naturally to be found in the environment around and went into the house. If inhaled, alpha particles emitted radon potentially cancer-causing childhood leukemia.

One of the sources of production of Radon comes from the process of the breakdown of natural uranium. This process can be found from the rocks of the volcanic and from the ground. However, in some cases, the water wells also exist that contain Radon.

So, always make sure to ventilate Your home adequately and the air can flow better, because Radon is heavier than air will normally settle close to the floor. Also, check the water source in Your home.

3. Benzene

In addition to gasoline, organic chemical compounds known by the names benzene or benzol is also widely used in the production of drugs, plastics, gasoline, artificial rubber, printer ink, and hair dye. In fact, the benzene turns out to be carcinogenic or can cause cancer!

You can also be exposed to benzene in high levels when you smoke or use shisha with additional tobacco. The more often and the more You are exposed to benzene, the cancer risk of childhood leukemia will also be higher.

4. Cigarettes and coffee

Again free be the cause of the deadly disease. A study in 2009 showed that the risk of developing childhood leukemia is not only for adults who smoke, but also children with parents smoking, including when the parents were already smoking before the pregnancy.

This is because the carcinogens that exist in cigarettes are absorbed by the lungs and transported through the blood vessels. While the data from the study of French ESCALE 2013 show results that drinking more than 2 cups of coffee every day during pregnancy can slightly increase the baby's risk of getting leukemia.

5. Obesity

Still yet to start a healthy diet and regular exercise? Let's get round the intention, because people who are obese or overweight have a risk of developing cancer of leukemia, which is high compared with people whose weight is normal.

Although there is no practice that is actually proven to prevent childhood leukemia, the doctors and researchers recommend You to stop smoking, living a healthy lifestyle, avoid radiation, avoid exposure to chemicals (including glues, household cleaning products, detergents, and paint the painting), as well as perform blood tests on a regular basis.

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The Symptoms Of Leukemia

In general, symptoms of childhood Leukemia in the initial stage is not so noticeable. You can, however, be aware one of the symptoms of Leukemia following this arising.

  • Anemia and related symptoms, such as fatigue, pale lips, pale conjunctiva of the eye can be one of the symptoms of leukemia.

  • A tendency to bruise or bleed easily, including bleeding from the gums and nose, or blood in the stool or urine can be one of the symptoms of leukemia.

  •  In addition, the symptoms of leukemia one also susceptibility to infections such as sore throat or bronchial pneumonia, which can be accompanied by headaches, mild fever, mouth sores, or skin rash.

  • Swelling of the lymph nodes, usually in the throat, armpit, or groin.

  • Loss of appetite and weight loss is also one of the symptoms of leukemia.

  • Discomfort under the left rib cage below (which is caused by the spleen swelling).

  • The number of white blood cells very high can result in vision problems due to retinal hemorrhage, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), mental status changes, prolonged erection (priapismus), stroke, or a seizure due to bleeding in the brain. If some of the symptoms of leukemia appeared, then anyone should be alert.

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