Warning 7 major early symptoms of leukemia in children that you don't ignore

Early signs and symptoms of childhood cancer leukemia basically is difficult to recognize because they do not have traits that are typical. Even so, the leukemia has many symptoms that can help detect this disease.

Leukemia Definition :  Leukemia is a cancer that attacks blood cells and bone marrow, or also known as blood cancer. Leukemia affects the production and function of leukocytes or white blood cells in fighting infections, because the DNA of the blood damage.

Abnormal conditions were causing the bone marrow to produce white blood cells in excess. This resulted in a buildup in the bone marrow and reduce the number of healthy blood cells.

Leukemia is actually more often affects adults. However, due to childhood Leukemia most common in children, so many of the assumptions of the people, Leukemia is a cancer that affects children. Although childhood Leukemia most often affects children and teenagers, in fact this cancer can affect patients at any age.

7 major early symptoms of leukemia in children that you can't ignore

Early symptoms of leukemia in children

Below are some of the most common symptoms seen when a child has leukemia :

1. Easy bruising

A child with leukemia often experience bleeding after a minor injury or a nosebleed. Skin children also tend to be more easily bruised.

2. Decreased appetite and complained of pain in the abdomen

A child with leukemia likely complain of pain in the abdominal area. This happens because the cancer cells accumulate in the spleen, liver, and kidneys become enlarged. The child's appetite also decreased, no wonder their weight is also down.

3. Breathing disorder

Leukemia cells often clump around the thymus, a gland found at the base of the neck. This leads to the child so it is difficult to breathe.

4. Frequent infections

White blood cells the body needs to fight infection, but in patients with leukemia the white blood cells can not perform their duties appropriately. As a result, the immunity of the child decreased, he so often got a virus and bacteria to prolonged.

5. Swelling in some areas of the body

Lymph nodes filter the blood, but leukemia cells sometimes collect in the lymph nodes. This can cause swelling under the armpits, the neck, above the collarbone, and groin.

6. Bone pain and joints

The body produces blood in the bone marrow. Meanwhile, leukemia causes blood cells to reproduce quickly so that the density of the blood cells the excess. Buildup the cell this menybabkan the child complained of pain of the bones and joints. Some children often complain of lower back pain.

7. Anemia

Leukemia causes the density of the blood cells so excess. So, it is difficult for red blood cell production. This causes the child had anemia. Characterized by fatigue, weakness, dizziness, and rapid breathing.

Treatment of Leukemia in Children

Please be aware, the care of patients with leukemia to children is not the same with the treatment for adults. After the leukemia has been treated, children require monitoring specifically for the treatment side effects that may appear in a few months to a few years later. Leukemia drug for children is also adjusted to the level of severity of the disease leukemia.

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