Warning signs and symptoms of asthma from mild to severe

Asthma and tuberculosis (TB) are two respiratory diseases that affects many people. Both have common signs and symptoms are the same, namely cough and shortness of breath. That's why many people consider the signs and symptoms of Asthma and tuberculosis (TB) is a disease that is related to each other. In fact, the two diseases is completely different.

Is mild and severe Asthma contagious ? Asthma is not  contagious such as tuberculosis (TB) , such Disorders are not caused by viruses or bacteria but rather an allergy to something or genetic factors.

Asthma is a disease located in the respiratory that occurs due to part of the respiratory narrowing which can make the sufferer will have difficulty to be able to breathe normally. In addition, the symptoms will be inflicted on sufferers of asthma, namely in the form of cough, shortness of breath and chest felt heavy.

Warning signs and symptoms of asthma from of mild to severe

If at the time of conditions like this attack You, of course there are impacts that will be generated for patients with asthma that will make it a hardship and difficulty. there are most patients who get the risk of acid attack and can't afford to hold it that is a result which is quite fatal to will experience fainting even patients will also result in death and will be the impact of the worst for asthma.

Asthma can not be cured as a whole and eliminated with a total. All medical treatment performed by a doctor is usually intended to relieve the symptoms and impact of this disease. Which means medical treatment which do not shown to treat it fully.

But nevertheless, it does not mean if patients with asthma can't live a normal life as people in general. This is where the intent of the treatment of asthma performed by a doctor, i.e. to reduce the symptoms and seek wherever possible so that the patients can undergo day-to-day and its activities with the normal.

The same is the case with other diseases, asthma is certainly not come with a sudden and spread in the body then becomes an severe disease. This disease comes with a variety of signs and symptoms before developing into severe illness that will require medical help immediately.

It's just, generally delay in diagnosis occurs in patients with this disease, usually influenced by the factors of the patient's own are reluctant to go to check the health of to doctor or maybe behavior that often ignore the disease.

For this reason, it is important to prioritize health with frequent check up health to the doctor, so all diseases that may attack in the body can be immediately coped with better by a doctor. Please be aware that asthma symptoms in each patient are not the same and appear the same way.

Patient is first asthma may not have asthma symptoms, or may have symptoms of asthma are different at different times. Symptoms of asthma caused will vary from one asthma attack to attack the next one.

The disease is come up with a way that gradually i.e. ranging from mild asthma to severe asthma Likewise with the symptoms it causes. Some people with asthma may be undiagnosed for a long time without appearance of any symptoms.

In addition, some people may only get symptoms of asthma during exercise or asthma which came as the result of viral infections such as colds. Asthma attacks that appear is general in nature, usually the airways are squeezed this will be able to return on the condition that the normal in some time.

Well, in addition to some of the symptoms above, the following are some of the symptoms of mild to severe asthma.

Symptoms Of Mild Asthma 

1. Sneezing 

Sneezing although not yet certainly be a cause of the onset of asthma, but these conditions are worth to note. Sneezing that arise in a person's body can appear as a reaction to the bacteria that get into the respiratory tract.

In addition, some of the causes of a person sneezing is due to dust or the virus that is inhaled by the body. Bacteria, virus and dust is what will stimulate the nose to be able to dispose of the poop by way of sneezing.

However, there is still the bacteria, virus and dust that managed to get into and if some micro-organisms enter the respiratory tract, it will infect the part, in the end asthma can appear or recur.

2. Cough 

As well as sneezing coughing is also a response to the influx of viruses, bacteria and other compounds into the body. But there is still some kind of bacteria, virus and other compounds that can get into the body and will disturb the respiratory conditions that also trigger the onset of asthma.

3. Blocked nose 

Blocked Nose will generally be very interfere with the breathing process which happens inside the body. This condition can trigger the onset of asthma and shortness of breath, because when the nose is clogged. The respiratory tract will be very distracted and in the end arise of asthma.

4. Sleep disorders 

Symptoms other asthma can cause feelings of panic and difficult to sleep at night. As for this is because, the breathing patterns are changeable and tend to be unstable. So in the end, the uncomfortable feeling will make you difficulty to sleep.

Warning signs and symptoms of asthma from of mild to severe

Symptoms Of severe Asthma 

1. A breath that was Heavy 

In asthma with the levels that are already acute, respiratory tract will be narrowed so significantly. Thus this will automatically create parts of the breathing are required to work extra in order to supply the oxygen into the body.

The impact, the breathing process will become more heavy and difficult work. This condition is often referred to by the term shortness of breath is also accompanied by the sound of wheezing.

2. Tightness On the Chest 

Part of the organs of the body that will feel pain and tightness when the respiratory disorder is on the chest. When the chest began to seirngkali ache and tightness, then it is a big probability the body is experiencing asthma. Tightness of the chest section this is a natural response of the lungs, deprived of oxygen.

3. Breath Short 

A sufferer who is experiencing the attack of asthma symptoms, will generally make it experiencing difficulty menambil breath. Although he felt he had tried get breath that long, but the breath that is produced feels so short and panting for breath. Generally, this condition will be accompanied by conditions that are easily tired after activities that is fairly lightweight.

Well, if this symptom is felt and accompanied by many other symptoms, then this could indicated as symptoms of asthma should get medical help immediately. Similarly, some of the symptoms of asthma need to be aware.

By knowing the symptoms is expected a sufferer can immediately determine the appropriate action to handle asthma with consult to the doctor. Thus, the handling of it early will make the symptoms can be minimized and the risk of the worst will be avoided. Hopefully this article useful to you and all of us.

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