Wary of keystone virus, a deadly disease caused by mosquito bites

In addition to malaria, dengue fever and zika, now there is Keystone virus new disease is again spread by mosquitoes to humans. A teenager in Florida, United States, has become the first victim of the virus Keystone. As reported by Mother Nature Network, Friday (22/6/2018) the teenager was taken to the emergency unit of a clinic in August 2016 because the symptoms of fever and rash.

The doctor that checked out then test the youth to the virus zika but the result is negative. Viral culture of the teenagers is then studied by researchers from the University of Florida who later found the presence of the virus Keystone. 

As told in the report of the case in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases, virus Keystone is actually not a new virus. It was first found in Keystone, Tampa Bay in 1964. This Virus was later found to infect the different animals in the coastal area from Texas to the Chesapeake Bay.

Wary of keystone virus, a deadly disease caused by mosquito bites

Signs and symptoms of the Keystone virus

Symptoms of the virus Keystone tend to be difficult to detect because they are similar to the symptoms of the virus Zika. Someone who is infected with the virus Keystone will experience early symptoms such as fever, sore throat, and rash.

The difference with the symptoms of the virus Zika, a rash caused by a virus Keystone does not cause itching. However, this rash tends to spread almost to all parts of the body. Starting from the chest, abdomen, arm, back, up to the face.

The symptoms may be visible light, but instead, You should be more wary of the virus on this one. This is because the virus Keystone tend to be more deadly than dengue fever, malaria, even the virus Zika though.

A lecturer from the University of Florida, John Lednicky, Ph. D. reveals to the Shape that the disease Keystone can infect brain cells and cause brain inflammation (encephalitis) in humans. If not treated immediately, it can be fatal and lead to death.

Although until now has not found any cases of inflammation of the brain in humans caused by a virus and the Keystone, but a study has shown that this virus can infect cells of the rat brain. So, it is not impossible if this virus can also cause brain inflammation in humans.

Only, further research is still needed to determine how much the risk of disease Keystone to human health.

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