10 Benefits of binahong leaves to treat a variety of chronic diseases !

Binahong is a herb plant that has been used since long by the people of Japan and Korea as herbal healer of all kinds of diseases. These vines are often regarded as pests because live attached to other plants, and even can grow anywhere both in the lowlands and in mountainous areas.  Because of the shape of its leaves is unique, the binahong leaves is often called Heartleave or leaves of love.

In addition to famous with properties to Treatment for lower cholesterol , ulcers / GERD, diabetes, stroke and gout, here are 10 benefits of binahong leaves as healing disease, healing wounds, as well as a beauty treatment :

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10 Benefits of binahong leaves to treat a variety of chronic diseases that you need to know !

1. Cancer disease treatment

The leaves of binahong contains a lot of anti-oxidants that can prevent free radicals forming cancer. Then there is also vitamin C or ascorbic acid can give the resistance of the body. How to make herb binahong for cancer is to boil 30 grams of leaves binahong in 1 liter of boiling water. Boil until the water is reduced and the remaining approximately 600 ml. The water is taken as much as 3 times a day with a dose of 200 ml every time to drink

2. Heartburn Treament

The content of the leaves binahong can also cure heartburn. Herb for heartburn is to boil 3 cups of water and 5 – 7 pieces of leaves binahong. The water decoction of the ripe drink as much as 3 times a day before meals

3. Lung disease treatment

To treat lung diseases by consuming the water decoction of the leaves of binahong. Take ten sheets of leaf binahong and boiled until boiling. Drink boiled water and to get maximum healing try to every day consume them

4. Treat the wound

The leaves of binahong has a high content of essential oils and acids arkobat very useful to close the wound and provide antiseptic natural. You do this by mashing a few leaves of binahong until smooth, after which it apply it to the wound or body swollen. Apply every day on a regular basis until the wound or swelling is cured. 

How this treatment can also be used if exposed to bruises due to hit, due to burns, rheumatic, rheumatism and joint pain. If it weight like exposed to sharp objects or fire, then smeared with the collision of binahong the wound should be covered with a bandage or clean cloth so as not to exposed to bacteria from the outside

5. Concussion

For diseases caused by concussion can make a decoction of binahong by the way took about 10 sheets of leaves binahong and wash until clean. Boil water as much as 2 cups and the leaves binahong until boiling. After that strain the decoction and drink 2 times in a day

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10 Benefits of binahong leaves to treat a variety of chronic diseases that you need to know !

6. Launched menstruation

For those women who are menstruating are not smooth can try a decoction of binahong to handle it. How to boil 3 pieces of leaves binahong with water as much as 2 cups. However boiled until boiling and leaving the water as much as 1 cup. After that strain and drink boiled water every day

7. Treat dysentery

To treat abnormalities of defecation this can be to make a potion binahong by boiling 10 the width of the leaves that are already washed clean. Leaves are boiled together with 2 cups of water until boiling and the remaining cooking water just about 1 glass. Drink the water and do this treatment every day until disentrinya cured

8. Acne Treatment And skin care

With content which can heal wounds also able to provide collagen which is beneficial for the health of the skin, then the leaves binahong is very beneficial in healing acne. The trick with mashing until smooth about 5 pieces of leaves binahong is already clean. 

Apply the mixture to the acne prone. This herb is maximum work if used before bed and each day. As for face care, then the collision of the leaves binahong is applied to the entire face as a mask. Anti-oxidants in the leaves binohang can prevent the onset of wrinkles on the face

9. Hemorrhoid bleeding

For hemorrhoid sufferers who are already at the stage of bleeding can try this herb as a step herbal. Take the leaves of binahong as many as 16 sheets and wash clean. Leaves are boiled with water as much as 3 cups, boil to boil and the water left about 1 cup. Drinking water decoction of the leaves of binahong every day to get total healing

10. Increase stamina and vitality

Content in the leaves binahong can restore energy and stamina is drained due to work. Boil 1 leaves binahong with 2 cups of water until boiling and the remaining water to 1 cup. Drink it every day.

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