11 Symptoms diseases of the heart should be aware, immediate consultation to the doctor!

Have You ever heard about the dangers of liver or heart disease ? Causes and Symptoms disease of the heart or liver  that appears on a person is very diverse, depending on the type and cause of heart disease who suffered. When You hear the word disease of the heart or liver, it may be thought the cause is the alcoholic beverages.

It is not entirely wrong, because alcoholic beverages can damage the 20% to 50% of the human heart. Therefore, the liver can not filter the blood and help support the other organs correctly.

Liver disease is one disease that is a disease that is very dangerous. This is because the role of the liver that is essential to our body because as a tool of the human excretory that help kidney function to break down the compounds that exist in trubuh that are toxic.

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11 Symptoms diseases of the heart should be aware, immediate consultation to the doctor!

In addition, the liver also is the organ of the body producing ammonia, urine and uric acid that utilizes nitrogen as well as amino acids. There are toxins in the body are broken down by the liver then the result is issued passing through the bile and feces according to the science of medicine, called detoxification.

Diseases of the heart or liver is also known with the name of the disease hepatitis A, hepatitis B or hepatitis non-A and hepatitis non-B all of which is caused by a virus.

In addition, another cause the emergence of diseases of the liver are derived from the pattern of consuming the wrong food as well as chemical substances contained in drugs that we drink such as paracetamol, antibiotics, arsenal as well as drugs that the public consumption in the form of fastfood.

Because that's the liver disease is very dangerous and should be watched and dealt with quickly, if You find some of the symptoms that arise such as below this could it is the traits of the first, and to be sure, You could directly consult with a doctor who understands this disease.

The common symptoms that often result from liver disease, among others, is as follows :

1. Changes occur on the stomach in which the stomach is changed to be more distended. This is due to the swelling in the ribs the bottom right.
2. Changes the color of the skin as well as eyes in which change color to slightly yellowish. This is commonly referred to by the society with jaundice.
3. Urine changes color to dark yellow.
4. There is a change in the shape of the nail in which becomes more curved as well as experience vaginal discharge.
5. Weight decreases due to lack of appetite.
6. Frequent nosebleeds.
7. The body will bruise easily due to a lack of protein.
8. Frequent urination.
9. Easy to feel thirst.
10. Bad breath and body odor unpleasant.
11. Anemia.

Although the causes of liver disease are very diverse, the development of the disease and damage of liver tissue has a similar pattern. The introduction of the stages of liver damage is very important, because by knowing the stages of liver damage, will determine the treatment measures and prevention of further tissue damage.

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Damage of liver tissue due to diseases generally follow a pattern of stages as follows:

Stage 1, namely the phase of the beginning of the disease or inflammatory Stage is characterized by the presence of inflammatory (inflammation), both in liver tissue and bile ducts. Inflammatory appeared to be caused by the body trying to combat the infection or irritation that happens.

This condition can cause sufferers to experience abdominal pain. If not treated properly, inflammation can create damage in the liver tissue. However, in the early stages, inflammation can be treated and prevented so as not to continue to the next stage.

Stage 2, namely liver fibrosis. Liver Fibrosis is fundamentally a process of wound healing in the tissues of the liver due to the inflammatory, but not effective. Liver fibrosis is already experiencing damage to the tissue and begin to inhibit blood flow If the cause of the disease is acute, then the damage to the liver tissue can be restored to its original condition.

However, if the cause is chronic disease, then liver fibrosis can progress to cirrhosis which has high mortality rate. Changes liver damage from fibrosis to cirrhosis varies from person to person and can last for tens of years. The variation in the change of liver fibrosis to cirrhosis may be influenced by genetic and environmental factors.

Stage 3, namely cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is a chronic condition caused by damage to the tissues of the liver and blockage of blood flow. Patients with liver disease who already have cirrhosis may experience symptoms is serious and requires special care from a doctor. The care given focuses on relieve the symptoms of liver disease that appears and prevent failed

Stage 4, namely liver failure. At this late stage, damage occurs the liver thoroughly, causing loss of function of this organ thoroughly. Patients with liver failure need special care to minimize the risk of death. Despite the development of liver disease from stage 1 to stage 3 requires a time of many years, liver damage has reached the final stage can not be fixed and can cause death.

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