Identify pregnant symptoms signs and 18 pregnancy stages week by week

Nausea and vomiting as well as late coming month is pregnant symptoms the most common pregnant signs symptoms. Usually these signs have already appeared even if the age of Your pregnancy just two weeks. Find out pregnancy early is the obligation of every couple in the program of pregnancy. A pregnancy test is one way to find out.

Most of the pregnant women, only have a little knowledge about the development of the fetus from week to week. The consequence is that the expectant mother does not know whether the fetus is growing healthy or it becomes the fetus is not developing. Indeed from week to week the fetus will develop.

Starting from a blood clot to form a fetus or a baby with organs that are perfect. The expectant mother holds a very important role for the development of the fetus in the womb. Pregnant women should always check its content and support it using nutrition and healthy food.

Identify pregnant symptoms signs and 18 pregnancy stages week by week

Here we will discuss about the growth of a healthy fetus during pregnancy, in a period of time :

1. Pregnancy the first week

Calculation of gestational age begins from the first day of the last menstrual period –before the end of menstruation can be said to be late. Therefore, it can be said that in the first week and the second, actually You have not experienced pregnancy.

So what happened this week? After experiencing the process of fertilization, namely the meeting of egg with sperm, it will form a network consisting of 100 cells that would later become the forerunner of the fetus. After splitting and multiplying cells, the potential of the fetus or the embryo will be attached to the uterus, where the growth during pregnancy occurs.

2. Pregnancy 2 week
Entering the second week, the cells that possessed the embryo of approximately 150 cells which form the three layers, i.e. endoderm, mesoderm, and ectoderm. Layer-the layer formed by the cells is what will become the various organs and parts of the body of the baby, such as muscle, bone, heart, digestive system, reproductive system, and nervous system.

3. Pregnancy 3 week
The embryo successfully attaches perfectly on the uterus. At this time, the embryo is still doing division and multiplication of cells, therefore it has not been shaped like an embryo or a baby. The outermost layer of the embryo will form placenta or ari-ari.

In this stage also, the various organs of the body began to be formed, such as the brain, spine, thyroid gland, organs of the heart, and blood vessels. The size of the embryo in the third week is still very small, only amounting to 1.5 mm.

4. Pregnancy 4 week
The heart is already formed and begin to function and blood vessels already have the flow of his own blood. In addition, it has already started to form hands and feet. At week 4 the size of the embryo of 5 mm.

5. Pregnancy 5 week
The baby's hands have already started to grow, but still not shaped like a hand, is still average without the fingers. The basic structure of the brain and nervous system has also been formed, while the eyes, ears, and mouth of new will be formed. Size at week 5 by 7 mm.

6. Pregnancy 6 week
Entering into week 6, the size of the embryo is already of peas, or about 12 mm. The legs have started to grow although the toes are not formed. The digestive system is just starting to grow. While the upper lip and palate are already formed. The head of the embryo has already started to look but its size is very small, and it appears that the ear and the eye are being developed.

7. Pregnancy 7 week

The size of the embryo when it enters the 7th week is about 19 mm. At this stage, a new set of lungs will be formed, the fingers are already starting to look, and the muscles and nervous system are functioning properly. Therefore, at this time, the embryo can already show his reflexes to his mother.

8. Pregnancy 8 week
In the 8th week, the embryo can already be called a fetus because it already has a shape and a face like a human. The eyelids and nose begin to form this week. At this stage, the developing placenta and the fetus is surrounded by amniotic fluid which are formed from blood vessels of the mother.

Amniotic fluid serves to maintain the temperature of the fetus remain normal, helps the fetus move, and help in the development of the fetal heart. The size of the fetus reaches 3 cm or of the fruit of plum on the 8th week.

9. Pregnancy 9 week
Advance on the fetus more clearly formed. The eye is large and colored, in accordance with the pigment of each fetus. The fetus is already able to open his mouth and vocal cords and saliva glands begin to form. The fetus was 9 weeks size of orange limo, or about 5.5 cm.

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Identify pregnant symptoms signs and 18 pregnancy stages week by week

10. Pregnancy 10 week
The fetus was 10 weeks measuring 7.5 cm in length, has a larger head compared to body size. The heart is already working perfectly. The heart in the fetus is beating 180 times per minute, two or three times faster than with a normal heartbeat in an adult. Bone cells first formed, replacing the cartilage that had previously been formed.

11. Pregnancy 11 week
The facial bones begin to form, eyelids still closed and will not open until several weeks into the future. The nail also begins to be formed. This week, it turns out that the fetus can already swallow and excrete urine, which is excreted in the amniotic fluid.

12. Pregnancy 12 week
After 12 weeks from the last menstruation, organs and systems of the body that there is on adults already owned all on the fetus. Organs, muscles, glands, and bones, already perfectly formed and started functioning. Starting from this week, will happen the development and maturation of various organs that have been formed previously. The spine of the fetus which was formed from cartilage, at week 12 will turn into hard bone.

13. Pregnancy 13-17 week
When entering the age of weeks 13-17, the weight of the fetus by 57-113 grams and the length is about 10-13 cm. The fetus having a dream at this stage, he can wake up and then sleep. In addition, the mouth of the fetus also can be actuated, such as opened or closed. At week 16, the fetus can already be seen kind of sex, whether he is male or female can be aided see by doing an ULTRASOUND. Appear the hair-fine hair on the head, which is referred to as lanugo.

14. Pregnancy 18-22 weeks
The size of the fetus has already reached 25 to 28 cm and has a weight of 227 to 454 grams. At this stage, bone and hard already replace the bone-alveolar bone cartilage in the fetus. The fetus begins to hear and give a response to the motion. Therefore, the mother can feel the kicks, punches and various movements of the fetus. The oil glands in the skin start to work.

15. Pregnancy 23-26 week 
The pancreas of the fetus begins to work effectively and lungs are more mature at this stage. A baby born when the entering weeks 23-26 have a greater chance of survival, compared to the previous weeks. Eyelashes and eyebrows start to look.

16. Pregnancy 27 - 31 week
An estimated 91% of the fetus born at weeks 27-31 may survive, even though at risk of experiencing a variety of complications such as birth defects and low birth weight. Basically, all the organs and systems of the body is already more mature at this age and will continue to grow until birth occurs.

17. Pregnancy week 32-36
Movement and kicks are performed by fetus increasingly powerful and increasingly felt. This time, the fetal skin is colored pink and is very smooth. The fetus at this age have a weight of 1,814 to 2,268 grams and a length of about 41-43 cm.

18. Pregnancy week 37-40
This week is the last weeks of pregnancy. The current weight of the fetus has already reached 2,722 to 3,639 grams and body length is about 46 cm. In male babies, the testicles are already perfectly formed and coated with the scrotum. When entering a week of 40, then the fetus ready to be born and all the organs are already formed and functioning properly.

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