The benefits of birth control for acne treatment

Dermatologists have been using birth control pills to treat acne in women for decades. However, only three pills really approved by the FDA to treat acne and scar treatment. In general, birth control for acne treatment is often advised for healthy women who also need contraception .

Usually begins after the treatment of acne , such as topical creams and oral antibiotics , failed to cleanse the skin. The following is the information about the risks and benefits of birth control pills for acne. This can help You make an informed decision about what is right for You.

Third Birth Control pills are “combination” oral contraceptives that contain estrogen and progesterone. In fact, birth control pills that contain only progesterone can make acne worse.

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The benefits of birth control for acne treatment

Any type of birth control pill used for acne contains a low dose of a form of estrogen. But each use a form of progesterone that's different :
  • Ortho Tri-Cyclen uses estrogen combined with a progestin called norgestimate . Progestin is a form of progesterone synthetic, or man-made. These pills, available with a dose of progestin which is different.

  •  Estrostep uses estrogen combined with a progestin called norethindrone . These pills, available with a dose of estrogen is different.

  • YAZ uses estrogen combined with a form of artificial progestin called drospirenone. The FDA has concluded that birth control pills that contain drospirenone may increase the risk of blood clots compared with pills that contain a progestin other. Other brands containing drospirenone include Beyaz, Gianvi, Loryna, Ocella, Safyral, Syeda, Yasmin, and Zarah.

How Birth Control for Acne?

As every teenager knows, there is a clear relationship between hormones and acne. Some women experience premenstrual acne because their hormone levels shift during their cycle. And for some, the acne only lasts for years, even after menopause .

Acne is triggered by excessive sebum production. Sebum is the oil created by glands in Your skin. Along with skin cells, sebum can clog the pores and increase the growth of bacteria that contribute to acne. Androgens, a group of hormones that includes testosterone , stimulate Your skin to produce sebum.

The woman's ovaries and adrenal glands usually produce the androgen levels low. Androgen levels can lead to excess sebum. Taking birth control pills containing estrogen and progesterone lowers the amount of androgens in Your body. This produces pimples are fewer and less severe.

Benefits of Birth Control for Acne

Several clinical trials have shown that taking birth control pills combination can result in:
  • Declining acne
  • A little more acne
  • Less inflammation
  • Acne less severe
Many women with severe acne take oral contraceptives with acne treatment. For women who also want contraception, taking birth control pills for acne also offers one form of contraception the most reliable, for the pills according to the specified schedule.

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The benefits of birth control for acne treatment

The risk of Birth Control to Treat Acne

Birth control pills today contain estrogen and progesterone to low doses than in the past. This has significantly lowered the risk of their medical. However, women who use oral contraceptives have a risk of more side effects, including heart attack , stroke , and blood clots dangerous in the legs or lungs .

Other risks include :
  • Hypertension ( high blood pressure ) and other cardiovascular problems
  • The liver and gall bladder disease
  • Migraine headaches
  •  Depression and mood swings
Who Should Avoid birth control Pills

The decision to take birth control pills should consider Your health history. Certain medical conditions can become worse if You are using oral contraceptives. Birth control pills usually are not advised if You have one of the following conditions :
  • A history of heart disease , hypertension , blood clots in the legs or lungs
  • Blood clotting disorders such as factor V Leiden deficiency
  • A history of cancer , especially breast , uterine, or liver cancer
  • Liver disease , diabetes , or migraine headaches
You also should not use oral contraceptives if :
  • You are a smoker over the age of 35
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • You are very fat or can't move physical

Tips for Maximum Benefits of Birth control for Acne

Here are tips to get the most benefit from the treatment of Your acne:
  • Continue to drink other acne medication prescribed by Your doctor. The Target of oral contraceptives is only part of the problem of acne.

  • Be sure to follow the schedule exactly to take the pill. Did it provide benefits and security to the maximum.

  •  Talk with Your doctor about the possible side effects of birth control which You consider. This can include breast tenderness , headaches , breakthrough bleeding, or acne pop-ups start. It's important to know what to expect.

  • Tell Your doctor about any other medications You use. Some can interfere with the effectiveness of oral contraceptives and lead to unwanted pregnancy. Take

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