8 Corona Vaccine In The World And Its Efficacy To Protect From Corona Virus

There are already eight Covid-19 vaccine , which used the world, including a few have been used To Protect From Corona Virus. The efficacy of these vaccines are also diverse in protecting from corona virus. A year is a pandemic of corona virus spread in all corners of the globe, infecting tens of millions of people and causing many deaths. 

The pandemic is a new disease, this make the scientific community, researchers and scientists are overwhelmed. Therefore, the origin of the corona virus confusing, to the type of a new disease which is endemic and has no cure. In less than a year, some of the vaccine was developed to control the pandemic of Covid-19. Because, prevention efforts with a variety of protocols health suggested and campaigned by the experts don't quite able to stem the spread of the infection and the infection of the virus SARS-CoV-2.

Corona Vaccine In The World And Its Efficacy To Protect From Corona Virus

Covid-19 vaccine is not the only weapon to fight the pandemic around the world, but at least this is one of the efforts to control the virus that continues to mutate and gave rise to variants of the new. There are a lot of candidate Covid-19 vaccine evolved in a number of countries. In fact, some of whom have granted permission for use in an emergency situation. 

The following eight types of Covid-19 vaccine and the value of the efficacy or efficacy of each vaccine. 

1. Vaccine Sinovac 

Covid-19 vaccine Sinovac's vaccine first used, at the beginning of January 2021 ago. Cooperation Bio Farma bring the Covid-19 vaccine is also coupled with the phase 3 clinical trials, and packaging is bulk vaccine of Sinovac.

Food and Drug Supervisory agency has issued a permit emergency use (EUA) after the data of the efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccine is considered to reach the limit that is specified by the World Health Organization (WHO). The results of the phase 3 clinical trials are conducted, demonstrating the efficacy of the vaccine Sinovac of 65,3 percent. If compared the efficacy of the vaccine Sinovac tested in other countries such as Turkey and Brazil, the results of vaccine efficacy is lower. 

Corona Vaccine In The World And Its Efficacy To Protect From Corona Virus

In Turkey, the efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccine app developed Sinovac Biotech Ltd from China, reach 91,25 percent. While in Brazil the efficacy of the vaccine Sinovac reached 78 percent. Although the efficacy of the vaccine Sinovac low, compared to other countries in the world but the Covid-19 vaccine are developed based on inactivated virus is still effective to provide protection from infection with the virus SARS-CoV-2.

2. Vaccine AstraZeneca 

is one of the Covid-19 vaccine who are reaping a lot of controversy is the vaccine AstraZeneca. Covid-19 vaccine is derived from the English, developed by researchers at the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca. Based adenovirus chimpanzees, vaccine AstraZeneca widely reported by various countries in the world due to side effects of the vaccine that causes blood clotting. 

However, cases of death and blood clotting after the injection of the vaccine was not much when compared with the efficacy and benefits in preventing more severe disease. Efiaksi vaccine AstraZeneca offers protection for up to 64,1 percent after the first dose, and 70,4 percent after the second injection.

3. Vaccine Sinopharm 

Is a Covid-19 vaccine that are used in the vaccination program gotong royong. Vaccine Sinopharm developed by Beijing BioInstitute Biological Product from China. The vaccine in China, this has bagged the halal certificate . The same as the vaccine Sinovac, Covid-19 vaccine Sinopharm is a vaccine that is developed with the technology of inactivated vaccine derived from the virus SARS-CoV-2 that have been attenuated. Clinical trials conducted in the united Arab Emirates, the vaccine Sinopharm bagging the value of efficacy reached 78 percent.

4. Vaccine CanSino 

Vaccine CanSino is another vaccine developed by researchers in China, CanSino Biologics. This vaccine is a vaccine to Covid-19 first patent by the government of China on August 11, 2020 ago.  plans to bring gradually the vaccine in China is used in the vaccination program gotong royong. Covid-19 vaccine is based vaccine vector that contains the antigen of the corona virus on the pathogens that cause the flu are not dangerous, or adenovirus. 

In addition, the vaccine is also approved for use in the country of origin, China, furthermore, in Pakistan, Hungary and Mexico. The efficacy of the vaccine CanSino is effective 68,83 percent in protecting from infection of Covid-19, with only a one-time injections.   Nevertheless, the researchers suggest untiuk improve the ability of the vaccine to protect from the corona virus, the injection amplifier can be given six months later.

5. Vaccine Moderna 

technology with the development of a Covid-19 vaccine conducted by researchers in China. Vaccine Moderna origin United States is developed with the technology of genetic messenger RNA (mRNA). The vaccine has been used in the country of origin, where the United States also recorded a number of cases of Covid-19 is high enough. The efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccine-based mRNA shows a sufficiently high value. 

Corona Vaccine In The World And Its Efficacy To Protect From Corona Virus

At least one dose injections of vaccine Moderna, vaccine efficacy or efficacy to protect from Covid-19 of 80.2 percent. A second injection of the vaccine mRNA, with a pause of 28 days, can give the efficacy of 95.6 percent in people aged 18 to 65 years. Whereas in recipients of the vaccine over the age of 65 years, the efficacy of vaccine Moderna could reach the 86.4 percent.

6. Vaccine Pfizer-BioNTech 

Technology develop a vaccine against Covid-19 based mRNA is also used for the vaccine developers of origin United States of america, Pfizer, which is cooperating with partners from Germany, BioNTech. The WHO has endorsed the use of the vaccine Pfizer is at the end of December 2020 ago. Vaccine Pfizer became the first is used in the United States, as well as several other countries in the world, such as England, Israel to saudi Arabia. The vaccine mRNA Pfizer is planned to be immediately used. The efficacy of the vaccine Pfizer has a value that is high compared to some of the vaccine candidate Covid-19 other. Therefore, its efficacy up to 95 percent, once the recipient of the vaccine to get two injections. 

7. Vaccine Janssen 

Furthermore, the Covid-19 vaccine who developed the Johnson & Johnson, called the vaccine Janssen. The vaccine is a single dose or the dose of one of these injections, has received permission to use of emergency by the WHO, on March 12.

Vaccines Johnson & Johnson considered eligible to be distributed to many countries through the COVAX, an initiative of the WHO to ensure the countries of low and middle income can have access to the Covid-19 vaccine. Reported Kompas.com Sunday (14/3/2021), vaccines, Janssen became one of the Covid-19 vaccine that are easy to stored, so as to facilitate distribution to the countries in the world. Vaccines Johnson & Johnson has an efficacy of about 67 percent, and effectively protect from infection of Covid-19 after two weeks of inoculation. 

8. Vaccine Sputnik V 

Takes the name of a space satellite which was launched Russia, the vaccine Sputnik V also become one of the Covid-19 vaccine which permit the WHO. Covid-19 vaccine who developed Russian researchers have efficacy or efficacy of the vaccine amounted to 91.4 percent after administration of the second injection.

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