Don't Worry, 7 Covid Vaccine Side Effects Is Reasonable After Vaccinated Against Covid-19

Each person experiences different reactions after the body receive vaccines, including vaccine Covid-19. Many of the side effects of the vaccine Covid-19, which commonly occurs when receiving other vaccines. The presence of side effects indicated immune system is at work. After receiving the vaccine, the immune system develops the ability to fight the virus that actually, It is not comfortable, but side effects tell that the body is building immune response, On the other hand, many people experience no side effects at all. But that doesn't mean the vaccine does not work. The way everyone accept the vaccine is different.

7 Covid Vaccine Side Effects Is Reasonable After Vaccinated Against Covid-19

The following seven-a common side effect occurs after receiving the vaccine :

1. Arm pain so Far 

The most common side effects and most alarming is the arm pain, especially when the needle is inserted. Some people say, after receiving the vaccine Covid-19 arm also experience redness and a little swelling. You may want to choose a side of the non-dominant so that the pain does not affect Your everyday life. The best way to relieve arm pain is to put something cold, such as washcloths or wet compress ice, in the area of injections.

2. Fever 

In some people, the side effects of the new fever appeared after receiving the second dose. This is because the immune system is better prepared than when you first received the vaccine so that the work is high. Fever usually resolves in one or two days. Not recommended taking painkillers before receiving the vaccine second dose. The reason is because it is feared pain medication for sale smoke can interfere with the working of the vaccine in the body. Once it gets the new injections should use a pain reliever if the effect is to weaken or difficult tolerated. If experiencing a fever, rest and drink plenty of fluids. Contact Your doctor if there are side effects that deteriorate after 24 hours or do not disappear in 72 hours.

3. Fatigue 

Some people experience fatigue after getting the vaccine. This is a common side effect occurs. Fatigue is systemic side effects such as headaches and muscle pain which is more common in women and people aged 55 years and under. Just relax and take a break when you need it, especially when feel tired. 

4. Headaches 

Some people mistook vaccine side effects such as headaches as symptoms of the disease Covid-19 actually is . This is wrong. Vaccine Covid-19 does not cause a person to become infected because there is no live virus in itf.

Indeed there remains the possibility for a person infected with Covid-19 after receiving the vaccine. But the cause is not because of the vaccine. The reason is precisely because the body is completely exposed to the virus before getting the vaccine or immune systems have not had the opportunity to rise. The headache usually occurs after receive the vaccine Covid-19 a second dose. The best medicine is a drug a pain reliever. 

7 Covid Vaccine Side Effects Is Reasonable After Vaccinated Against Covid-19

5. Nausea 

About 3.5 percent of people complain of experiencing nausea after receiving the vaccine Covid-19 a second dose. Some even up to vomiting. If you feel nausea after receiving the vaccine, try to stay well hydrated and find a solution that previously successfully cope with the nausea.

6. Muscle pain 

Some people reported body aches and muscle pain after receiving the vaccine, the second dose. "If the pain becomes more severe, try drinking a pain reliever that is similar to a headache," said Baumgarten. 

7. Swollen lymph nodes do 

Not like the side effects of other vaccines that are usually only last a day or two, swelling of the lymph nodes takes a little longer to disappear. "Based on experience, swelling of the lymph nodes of the effect is lost for a few weeks,” said Baumgarten. Experts recommend to put off getting a mammogram or examination of the swelling of the lymph nodes during the 4-6 weeks after the vaccine Covid-19. Cause swelling of the lymph nodes in the armpit can cause a false positive result on a mammogram. If the swelling is painful, try painkillers are sold freely.

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